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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Speed Riding Hocharn (3254m)

April 17th, 2011

Hi extreme altitude difference collectors!
Yesterday Patrick and me we drove to Rauris for hiking up the Hocharn. What a nice fresh powder (about 15cm).

We reached the summit in a good time and then we started our speedrider the swing spitfire and flew downwards.
One time is not enough, so we hiked up a second time to the hocharn.
Patrick decided to go back because he felt some sunstroke.

The last 300m of altitude i had a poor visibility with only 5 to 10m. at the mountain top i built a horizontal place for sleeping and i jumped as soon as possible into the sleeping bag. brrrrr that was bloody cold(-14°C).
at 5:30 am this sunday i woke up ( i think i didn’t slept but who needs sleep?) and at 6:20 i had an amazing sunrise.
then i did a second speed ride downwards and after some breakfast patrick and me we did the third tour up to the…. whats the name of the mountain? yeah the hocharn.
All good things come in threes.
patrick gave up a second time because of too much sun and so i had to walk alone beside the other 300m mountaineers to the summit.
at 1pm a flew down with my speed glider.
and i didn’t thought to go a 4th time in a row to the summit.
so 3 times is enough i said.
thats 5100m of altidude difference.
have a nice regeneration week.

Mountaineering Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

April 10th, 2011

Hi extreme windy mountaineers!
This day i hiked in Spital / Pyhrn over the Hofalmhut to the Grosser Pyhrgas.
i mounted a breast bandage to intensify the training. so i had to breathe more often.
I had a really nice view to the other summits around but unfortunately there was too much wind(about 70km/h in the gusts) to start my speedflyer.
so i had to hike downwards.
but for me that was not a big problem!!
i wish you a great week.
cya on the mountains