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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Mtb Nationalpark Kalkalpen

September 27th, 2009

Hi outdoor junkies!
Last day i drove with my mtb the external frontier from the nationalpark kalkalpen in 5.5 hrs.
i started, losenstein, ternberg, trattenbach, mösern, bodinggraben, jagdhäusl, steyrsteg, haselsgatter, hengstpass, unterlaussa, mooshöhe, gr. klause, reichraming, losenstein.
nice tour in this amazing and colourful fall!
cya bernhard

Mtb Tour Nationalpark Kalkalpen

Mtb Tour Nationalpark Kalkalpen

Videos vom Brückenschwingen

September 25th, 2009

welcher viewer gefällt dir am besten? bitte um comments!

September 23rd, 2009





die viewer beendet man, indem man einfach ausserhalb einen klick macht!

Alpinclimbing Schlossgespenst with dir. Northridge Schermberg

September 22nd, 2009

Last day i drove with matthias mollner to Grünau in the Almtal with our aim to climb the 42 pitches in the northwall of the schermberg.
thats 1400 metres of altitude difference and normal climbing duration from 8 to 12 hours.
i tried this tour 6 years ago with buchsbaum reinhard, when we walked from 4am from the parking lot outside the gate to the wall. we managed to find the beginning of the tour at half past 10. thats too late for this tour. 🙁 so we holded off on this project.

the first problem is between 15.9 and 15.10 the street to the almtalerhaus is closed due to a hunt lock. so you have to walk 7km’s to the almtalerhaus. aaaah
from the almtalerhaus you must walk again 1.5hrs to the beginning of the wall.

so we drove “ilegal” at 17:15pm to the schermberg northwall. unfortunately one huntersman stopped us and said” he cannot allow this to go further to the almtalerhaus because they are planning to shoot some red deers”.
we explained our important project and the necessity to start early in the morning in the wall. so he allowed us only to sleep near the almtalerhaus, not near the wall – thats too dangerous sleeping in the nature, where the hunters want to shoot their deers. so we were lucky not to cancel the tour.

we find a small storage room near the almtalerhaus where we slept because of the humidity without tent…
during the night we listened many time to the deers. brrrrrrr.

at half past 4 in the morning we woke up and at 5am we started in the darkness with our mountain bikes from the almtalerhaus to the beginning of the schermberg north wall.
at 7:20am after 350 metres of altidude difference of the approach we started the to climb with the 4 tiblocks, so that we can do speed climbing. that does mean you can climb simultaneously, so you can spare a lot of time.
how to use tiblocs

perhaps you remember the film “am limit” from the huber buam. i felt like these guys when we climbed. you can imagine no long breaks only climbing and looking for the right way and take care for loosen stones and give maximum power. really!
the rocks moved like a conveyor. so i call it from now on conveyor climbing – thats my term 😉
i had to economize my luggaage, so i could only took photos with my handy cam 😉
for eating i had only two apples and some cereal bars and three litres of water. thats it.
we found a cave after the first pitch at the direct north ridge.
i walked 10m into the snow vulcano cave and then i through a stone downwards. i think the cave must be big because of the natural ventilation. if i have time i will explore this cave.
enough reported…

at 12:50 we managed the end of climbing and we were standing on the schermberg(2396m) summit. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
the view was really great. after lunch we climbed the new fixed rope route “tassilo” downwards in 50 minutes 😉
normally you need 3 to 5 hours upwards.

then we find a cool block for bouldering. so matthias and me we said let’s do it. 2km’s of climbing is not enough for us… we managed 3 new boulders and marked the beginning with an arrow. you can try it at the platform before the fixed rope route on the normal way.
2 chamois came up to five metres to us and looked how we try to climb up this block on a difficult way and not trying the easiest… 😉

then we climbed down to our mountains bikes and had a really nice downhill to the ödseen near the almtalerhaus where we did some swimming after this monster tour. what a nice refreshing. the schermberg north wall did a mirror in the lake. amazing nature.
we finished our tour at 17:05 at the parking lot.
it was another really great days in the mountains….
cya bernhard

Bridge Swinging at the Steyrdurchbruch

September 20th, 2009

Helllllloooooooooooo Adrenalin Junkies!
This was the day of the month! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazinnnnnnnnngggggg!
i went bridge swinging the first time with suanne, joachim, uli, harry, heike and julia to the steyrdurchbruch bridge.
you can imagine, 25m of radius, nearly 15m free fall and a lot of ropes for safety ;))
look at the pictures and if you are willing to do it, let’s try tomorrow 😉 – No: I cann’t recommend this for unexperienced persons – so don’t be silly and try this by yourself! really! because our first person has reached some shrubs!!! because of a false length of the rope for pulling up the jump rope…
i was one of the last person who jumped, so we got a little routine into it. but it was so scary to did the step forward into nothing. aaaaa your brain will say what the fuck i am doing here!!!
my pulse was around 180 pulsation cycles per minute. i managed to do the step and then i had a free fall for 15m with a distance from 1.5m beside the rock wall. i got such a adrenergic feeling! after a while i felt the safety rope and then i had the swing action over the canyon. what a feeling!
thx for this great experience. austria is the place to be!
be there or be square 😉
i wish you a nice week

Mountaineering Hochtor Josefinensteig

September 19th, 2009

Hi Mountain Addicts!
Last two days i went with my former working collegues from Engel St. Valentin to the Gesäuse.
Two years ago our plan was to climb the hochtor. unfortunately there was too much snow at september….
this year we had a little bit more luck. 😉
yesterday we went over the wasserfallweg from gstatterboden to the hesshütte.
we had there good dinner and some beers and some “medicine”.
We were lucky that the hut was not busy as on normal weekend day. so we had our own communal bunks were i could sleep very good. normally i can’t sleep really good in an overcrowded hut because the bad air and the nervous guest at least 4 am…
i think a reason why i could sleep very well was the good and well tested hesshüttn -bräu beer 😉
so in the morning after the good breakfast we started at half past 8 to the hochtor on the josefinensteig. the mountain top was in clouds but the wind was strong so we hoped to get rid of the clouds. the difficult climbing was not a big problem for us more or less well experienced mountaineers. some group members felt a bit scary how they would manage to go down on the same way… 😉
when we reached the ridge johannes w. got a dizzy spell. so he waited there and enjoyed the nice view to the buchstein. from now on we had to walk and climb in the cold windy clouds. brrr.
at 10 to 11 we reached the mountain top of the hochtor (2369m), we could see only clouds. aufreiter thomas was lucky to see the gr. buchstein for 3 seconds. then the clouds has covered again the mountain top – aaaa what a fu**.
meanwhile we enjoyed our lunchtime at a bivouac place. thx for the lunch and cereal bars 😉
lunchtime on a summit is one of the best things to do….
so after 30 minutes we started the same way down to the hesshütte.
it was not a big problem for us to climb down the josefinensteig. after a drink at the hut we decided to go downwards the wasserfallweg to save some time… but it was not so easy to climb down with our old overstressed knees. so i could not suggest for future to climb down after such a tour the wasserfallweg. nevertheless we reached the gstatterboden parking lot and we were happy to managed the hochtor without any accidence 😉
thx for the nice tour! it was a pleasure for me to climb with a motivated and funny group in the gesäuse alps.
cya in the winter time

Floodlight climbing at the Camp Sibley

September 15th, 2009

This evening we did a Floodlight climbing Session ath the Camp Sibley in Laussa.
What a fine evening with warm temperatures climbing outside and a good bbq.
beside one sausage pako had stolen from my luggage it was a fine smooth climbing session at the evening.
next coming tuesdays we will try to organise it as well, if the weather is ok 😉

Canyoning Hochschlacht

September 15th, 2009

Hi Fun Freaks!
This Day we (Bernhard, Julia and Joachim) did a Canyoning Tour at the Hochschlacht in Reichraming. We drove with the Mtb from Reichraming to the Schleiferfall. Then we walked uphill to the top of the tour. after some break we started the canyoning tour.
it was very funny impresive and a lot to do for me (especially for me, because all the others were canyoning rookies…)
nevertheless we had enough water to get some good action like jumping or pulling down our rope….
just look at the pics…
the last schleierfall abseil part was really great and amazing. what a great feeling to do this in the great nature.
i like it.
ok cya bernhard

Mtb with 5000m altitude difference

September 11th, 2009

Hi Friends of Mountain Biking!
This Day was the day. 2 years ago i had an aim to do 5000m altitude difference in one day with the mountainbike.
last year i managed 3500m, but being in bildungskarenz that helps a little bit to do better training!
you can find a tour description here.

so i started at 7:45am in the morning from losenstein and i drove to trattenbach (near ternberg). then i drove uphill over the schreibachfall to the schobersteinhaus and then downhill to trattenbach. i repeated this 4 times. so alltogether 5 times trattenbach to schobersteinhaus and trattenbach. the first part i managed in 1hr:9min, the last in 1hr:27min. i managed 4 times to drive through the schreibachfall with an increase of 20%, the last time i had to shift my bike…
the whole bike tour takes 9hrs and 30min.

this day i had many advantages: first the repaired street which was in good condition, then the cloudy cold weather, and then the plums and apples that i picked for filling up my sugar balance and i had a good altidue training 4 days ago so i had an increased haemoglobin concentration, therefore the oxygen carrying capacity of their blood is increased..
tomorrow there is the schobersteintrophy. the best time was 42min21sek.
so you can start to train for the competition for 2010…

i can’t attend at the schobersteintrophy because tomorrow david scheutz will marry stöllnbeger anneliese…..

cya next time on the bike. and don’t fortget to increase your altitude difference slowly, otherwise your heart will get some cracks 😉
stay as cool bernhard

Mountaineering at the Stüdlgrat Großglockner

September 8th, 2009

hi mountain freaks!
last two days we visted the großglockner with michael schmidthaler and me (bernhard gruber)
we drove to kals am großglockner to the lucknerhaus parking lot and walked about 2.5 hours to the stüdlhütte.
after one drink we visited the small mountain behind the hut for sunset.
schmidi did there a nude photo with the großglockner behind, but he didn’t allowed me to publish this picture. i think that’s better so! 😉
the stüdlhütte is big and it feels like a hotel.
on this morning (tuesday) we woke up at 4:40am
at 5:10 we started as the first group without any breakfast uphill over the teischnitzkees to the beginning of the stüdlgrat.
the wind was blowing sometimes really strong, but we managed the glacier and the crevasses without the use of the rope and crampons. the difficulty grade of the stüdlgrat is 3+/A0 and it is about 500 metres of height. one part is 4+ difficulty grade on free climbing.
you can find a topo here.
so it is very important to be in good condition for this alpine tour.
if you are planning to do such a tour with a guide just ask at http://www.glocknerfuehrer.at/ the guided tour for the stüdlgrat cost 320€.
we arrived at 7’o clock the breakfast place. then the first guided tour overtaked us. they were using the shortrope technology. for me thats too dangerous, but nevertheless its fast.
from this point on we did the further tour only with using the rope, because there was ice and snow in this tour. so one fault without rope and you will fall down… then the sun arrived to us and suddenly it was getting warm – wonderful. the sunrise was amazing too. there were some really nice climbing spots and the tour was getting more compact.
we arrived at the mountain top of the großglockner (3798m) after 4hrs:50min. at about 10:00 am. what a nice feeling. for schmidi it was the first ascent to the großglockner, the highest mountain of austria. many mountaineers was trying to go from the kleinglockner to the großglockner over the normal route. on the weekend i think it is not the best mountain top for getting a great mountain feeling.
we climbed down over the normal route to the kleinglockner and the glocknerleitl then the adlersruhe and then crossed the ködnistzkees to the stüdlhut then lucknerhut and then lucknerhaus. at 13:40 we arrived the car and our feet felt really tired after the long descent.
one look back to the großglockner and then we drove back home.
what a nice alpine climbing tour. if you have time just do this tour – you will get satisfied for sure.
if you have good manageable interesting mountaineering plans for this autumn -just let me know – i will have time 😉
cya on the mountains