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Mtb with 5000m altitude difference

September 11th, 2009

Hi Friends of Mountain Biking!
This Day was the day. 2 years ago i had an aim to do 5000m altitude difference in one day with the mountainbike.
last year i managed 3500m, but being in bildungskarenz that helps a little bit to do better training!
you can find a tour description here.

so i started at 7:45am in the morning from losenstein and i drove to trattenbach (near ternberg). then i drove uphill over the schreibachfall to the schobersteinhaus and then downhill to trattenbach. i repeated this 4 times. so alltogether 5 times trattenbach to schobersteinhaus and trattenbach. the first part i managed in 1hr:9min, the last in 1hr:27min. i managed 4 times to drive through the schreibachfall with an increase of 20%, the last time i had to shift my bike…
the whole bike tour takes 9hrs and 30min.

this day i had many advantages: first the repaired street which was in good condition, then the cloudy cold weather, and then the plums and apples that i picked for filling up my sugar balance and i had a good altidue training 4 days ago so i had an increased haemoglobin concentration, therefore the oxygen carrying capacity of their blood is increased..
tomorrow there is the schobersteintrophy. the best time was 42min21sek.
so you can start to train for the competition for 2010…

i can’t attend at the schobersteintrophy because tomorrow david scheutz will marry stöllnbeger anneliese…..

cya next time on the bike. and don’t fortget to increase your altitude difference slowly, otherwise your heart will get some cracks 😉
stay as cool bernhard