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Bridge Swinging at the Steyrdurchbruch

September 20th, 2009

Helllllloooooooooooo Adrenalin Junkies!
This was the day of the month! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazinnnnnnnnngggggg!
i went bridge swinging the first time with suanne, joachim, uli, harry, heike and julia to the steyrdurchbruch bridge.
you can imagine, 25m of radius, nearly 15m free fall and a lot of ropes for safety ;))
look at the pictures and if you are willing to do it, let’s try tomorrow 😉 – No: I cann’t recommend this for unexperienced persons – so don’t be silly and try this by yourself! really! because our first person has reached some shrubs!!! because of a false length of the rope for pulling up the jump rope…
i was one of the last person who jumped, so we got a little routine into it. but it was so scary to did the step forward into nothing. aaaaa your brain will say what the fuck i am doing here!!!
my pulse was around 180 pulsation cycles per minute. i managed to do the step and then i had a free fall for 15m with a distance from 1.5m beside the rock wall. i got such a adrenergic feeling! after a while i felt the safety rope and then i had the swing action over the canyon. what a feeling!
thx for this great experience. austria is the place to be!
be there or be square 😉
i wish you a nice week