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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Ski Mountaineering and Speed Riding Großer Priel (2515m)

December 31st, 2010

Hi extreme winter lovers!
Yesterday, Patrick and me we drove to the Almtalerhaus in Grünau (Almtal)
We hiked up with our skis on the backpack from the ground of the schermberg north wall to the welser hut over the normal route. the sun was shining but not at our place because of the northern side.
when we reached the ridge near the brotfallscharte we got sun too. so we had warm temperature but the wind was strong. brrr. at 1:15pm we reached the summit of großer priel (2515m). we had there a nice lunch on the wind protected southern side. what a great view after 5hours and 15 minutes of hard hiking. but every step was worth it 😉
at the großer priel summit we had too less snow for starting our speed glider so we hiked the ridge back and found a great starting place over a cliff.
what an amazing starting place.
the only problem we had was the fog which has suddenly covered the whole valley. we had to wait nearly two hours but that was not a problem because we had sun and an amazing view.
at 4pm we started our speedglider the swing spitfire 11m² with our skis. the start was tricky because we had to jump upon a cliff. when we flew the last sun rays shined to the western wall of the grosser priel. we needed only 3minutes and 30 seconds for flying down to the ground near the schermberg. we were so happy to managed this great winter tour.
thanks a lot for this adventure.
i wish you all the best wishes and a happy new year. 😉
cya bernhard

Speed Riding Grosser Priel / Kühplan

December 31st, 2010

Hi extreme mountain addicted People.
On Wednesday Martin and me we drove to Hinterstoder for doing a ski mountaineering tour to the grosser priel. we hiked up in more or less good snow. some clouds covered the grosser priel upon the schneeloch. we stopped at the beginning of the brotfallscharte gully. the wind was from the false direction and it was too much. so we drove downwards to the kühplan and there was a good starting place for our speed rider.
We flew downwards over the prielschutzhaus to the valley station. there was a nice small landing place on the streambed 😉
it was a great winter tour without summit.
i wish you a happy new year!
Take care and have much fun!
cya bernhard

Speed Riding Scheiblingstein (2197m)

December 30th, 2010

Hi extreme Snow Seekers!
On Tuesday Patrick and me we drove to the Bosruckhütte in Spital for doing a skimountaineering tour to the Scheiblingstein.
it was a really nice landscape with not the best snow conditions because of ice snow. nevertheless we reached the summit without a problem but there was too much wind, so we decided to ski downwards a little bit. then we found a great starting place for the speed rider. i had a fast speed riding session downwards the lange gasse to the Gstattmaier alp.
Then we had to walk uphill back to the bosruck hut.
thanks for the great tour.
cya on the mountains

Speed Riding Höss

December 29th, 2010

On Monday Patrick and me we drove to Hinterstoder for Speed riding. We had a permission from the chief operating officer from the höss bahn. by the way thanks a lot!
The Piste was closed, so we had the chance to do some speed riding with a little help of a ski lift 😉
We had a lof of fun!
Thx for this great day!
The Swing spitfire is now my speed glider favourite!
cya Bernhard

Speed Riding Hoher Nock (1963m)

December 23rd, 2010

Hi extreme christ childs!
This day Summit Surfer Patrick and me (Bernhard) we drove to Windischgarsten for Speed riding the Hoher Nock (1963m)
We had a nice ski mountaineering tour up to the top of the Hoher Nock. The southerly Foen was quite strong at the mountain top. the wind speed was about 60km/h. launching our speedglider with ski was too dangerous so we decided to drive down to the left channel. there we were able to start our swing spitfire 11m² speedglider. the flight was quite wobbleing because of the Fön. But we were happy that we didn’t need to ski down the rest because of the warm and wet snow.
Nevertheless it was a great day again!
I wish you Merry Christmas!
Cya Bernhard

Ski mountaineering Schneekarturm (Gesäuse)

December 19th, 2010

Hi powder addicted People!
This day the Summitsurfer Patrik and me we drove to Johnsbach (Gesäuse) to the Köblwirt.
We had there -18°C temperature. So not a big problem for us because we got used to it.
We did a really great ski mountaineering tour to the schneekarturm. The sun was shining and so it gets warmer and warmer.
Our first goal was the festkogel, but building the track in the 30cm fresh powder was hard and there was a difficult part to get to the festkogel, so we stopped there. the mountain is waiting for us we thought.
we needed 4hours to the point of return. the wind was coming from the westerly side. so we decided to ski downwards, which was not really easy for me because that was one of my first ski downhill beside the normal ski piste.
but the faster you ride the better surf feeling you get.
what a great skiing day in the mountain!
thx for this wonderful day skiing in the winter wonderland 😉
have a nice week

Speed Riding Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

December 18th, 2010

Hi extreme “positive vibrated” Summit Surfer!
This day Patrick and me we drove to Spital/Pyhrn for doing a speedride session with our new speedglider spitfire 11m² from swing.
we hiked up in 4:30 hours to the mountain top with our skis!
first there was good powder conditions in the forest. but on the ridge there was good westerly wind which made the summit bloody cold. the temperature was about -15°C. so with the 30-50km/hrs wind we had more the -20°C windchill. brrr
the mountain was covered by clouds but after 10minutes when we arrived the summit it got cleared. thats only possible with positive vibrations!!
at 4pm we tried to launch or glider but it was not so easy because of the deep snow. but when you have the spitfire over you, the only thing you need is speed to get riding.
the speed riding from the grosser pyhrgas was really amazing but we took care not to ski while riding because of the different snow condition.
next time we can do some ski rides too 😉
the landing was difficult because i could only see a white area and no contours, therefore i did not really had a clean landing. but thats not important 😉
thx for this great winter day!
cya on the mountains for sure

Speed Flying Hoher Nock (1963m)

December 8th, 2010

Hi extreme downsized adrenaline speedflyers.
This day patrick and me we drove to windischgarsten for speedflying the the hoher nock (1963m).
We hiked up in 2:30 hours. On the mountain top there was a good southerly wind.
we unpacked our new speed glider – the spitfire 11m² from swing. our new baby 😉
We did some downsizing from the speed glider which was really essential because we also want to fly when there is strong southerly wind.
we were this year at lest 10 time in the mountains when there was too much wind for our gin yak speed glider.

the spitfire glider was really easy to start because of the strong wind.
then we needed only two steps and we flew downwards the first time with our new glider. what a great feeling the dive! Love is in the air…. 😉
we played it safe because of the maiden flight with the spitfire and of the first flight from the hoher nock!
what a big difference to our bigger sized glider the gin yak. pff
you can imagine our smiling face after this session.
thx for this great day!
cya on the mountains

Speed Riding Loser (Altaussee)

December 5th, 2010

Hi adrenaline addicted soulflyers!
This day we Patrick, Harry, Phillipp and me we drove to Altaussee for speed riding.

We were lucky to get up three times with our car to the loser alm restaurant.
Many people hiked up with their ski montaineering equipment to the loser, we drove with the car to the top. that must be a strange feeling when you want to do a ski mountaineering tour in “the nature” and suddenly a blue car is coming and passing with crazy speed riders. thx guys for jumping to the side 😉

we only had to hike up with our skis from the loser alm to the starting point because of south easterly wind.
what a wonderful launching place there. we found a nice line down to altaussee! watch the video…
thx for the nice day to all of you guys!
cya on the mountains

Speed Riding Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

December 4th, 2010

Hi extreme ski montaineering speedriders!
Patrik, Harry , Phillipp and me we opened the Winter season this day at our home mountains!
We hiked up from the bosruckhütte in Spital to the Grosser Pyhrgas.
First there was fog around the valley but after a while the fog gets cleared. muhaaa.
First Philipp did his first mountain paragliding flight with skies and our help 300m under the mountain top. Well down!!
Then we hiked up to the mountain top and we started our speedrider. i had to reject my first take off because of too much tailwind.
but with the second chance i had a really great flight!
thx for this wonderful day!
cya on the snow mountains