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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Snowkiting Reschensee

January 31st, 2010

Hi windaddicted Rock’n’Rollers!
Last three days I went with Patrick and Felix to the Reschensee for snowkiting. We slept at an nice appartment in langtaufers what I can really recommend to you.
On this weekend there was also the snowkite world championship.
On Friday there was northern wind at the beginning and at 2pm we had fabulous constant southern wind. What a big day! unfortunately i dropped down very hard my 16m² north rhino kite and destroyed it…
my collegues had also a crash 😉
You have to break an egg to make an omelet.
I think that was the phatt action that we were not used to do 😉
On Saturday we had not the best wind but it was good for soulkiting relaxing and looking the final of the feestyle master of the snowkite world championship.
at the night we visited the snowkite party at bergstadl. the party was hosted by the schwerelosigkite dj team.
On sunday we had the best day ever – fantastic northern wind and really good and sunny conditions. Just have a look to the pics. nothing more to say….
ROCK AND ROLLl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a great sport!
Thx for this great trip!
cya on the windy mountains

Snowboardtour Hoess 5060metres of altitude

January 23rd, 2010

Hi sportaddicted Freaks!
This day i went with my snowshoes and my snowboard four times from hinterstoder to the top of the hössexpress. i started at 4:45am and ended at 4:00pm.
so the whole tour was 5060 metres of altitude. Nice amount – isn’t it?
So when anyone can do this, i pay a beer 😉
Cya Bernhard
Here you can find the pictures each time i reached the top.

Snowkiting Behamberg

January 16th, 2010

Hi Windaholics and the whole Windgeschwindigkite – Team!
This Saturday we had a nice easterly wind snowkite session at behamberg near steyr.
a sunny day with wind from 12 to 15 knots.
many great jumps to see!
Thx for the locals who do a really good communication with the property owners. So please respect some rules from the locals here. otherwise snowkiting can get banned here too…
cya next weekend!

Snowkiting Kuernberg

January 10th, 2010

Hi adrenaline junkies and windaddicts again!
This day we rocked with our kites the kürnberg near steyr at westwind from 11knots up to 20knots.
The team from windgeschwindigkite showed on their homespot some really nice and high jumps – amazing!!!
That was a fine sunday afternoon – what a life…..
Cya asap

One day later i’m feeling aching muscels at my thighs – its not possible to do a yoga session! i cancelled it! crazy action!

Snowkiting Lake Lipno

January 10th, 2010

Hi Windaddicts!
This day, Felix B., Andreas H., Patrick M., Christian B and me. we drove to the Lake Lipno at the opposite of Kovarow for snowkiting.
what a nice day! 8cm of snow on the frozen lake.
good wind.
what a nice day!
cya on the mountains

Snowboardtour to Schafkögel and Lahnerkogel

January 4th, 2010

Hi Deep&Steep Lovers!
This day was a really great day!
Why should we drive far away, when every beautiness is near by us?
In the morning i hiked up with my snowshoes to the Schafkögel near Höss. What a nice bloody cold (-17°C) sunrise. Thats worth the trouble (early morning wake up).
Then i drove with my snowboard down and with the car further to Spital am Phyrn to the Phyrnpass, where Messner Florian a.k.a Chongo and Slater Daniel joined me to their first Snowshoetesttour. I decided to go an “easy” warm up tour for them to the Lahnerkogel.
What a funny tour, you can imagine walking the first steps in an up to now unknown area….
But they managed it very well, with some beginners faults, like walking to fast and some nice slides…
But we reached the mountain top after three hours of walking.
Here we had such a nice view around the Lahnerkogel. Amazing!
That’s Life – isn’t it!
I drove down a steep powder channel and the others had to walk down, where i enjoyed the last sunrays….
Thx for this great day.
Cya in or on the Powder.

Iceclimbing Hochgolling Northwall

January 1st, 2010

Hi Northwallclimbers!
Last day, Matthias Mollner and me (Bernhard Gruber), we drove to Untertal near Schladming to the Gasthaus Riesachfall. We went with our Snowshoes and all Mountainequipment to the Base of the Hochgolling Northwall with the goal to climb on this day the whole Northwall of the Hochgolling.
We needed 2.5hrs to hike up. we had avalanche warning level 1 and not too cold temperature, not a big snowfall forecast. so there must be really nice conditions.
The Southwesterly wind was blowing and the mountain top of the hochgolling was covered in clouds.

The hochgolling winkel is according the sign near the hochgolling hut the best nature amphitheatre of the world. woww – and we want to do some iceclimbing there….

We slept 10 hrs during the sylvester party night.
And we were happy to “celebrate” in our small tent in such a great and quiet nature the new year’s eve with some winter mountaineering task. wonderful!
The night was bloody cold for me because i thought for some minus degree during the night it must be possible to sleep in and thin summer sleeping bag. brrrrr. that was really not the best idea. but only the roughest will survive. Life is a bitch 😉

First i wish you a Happy New Year!!!

We got up at 6 o’clock in the morning. During the night we had some little snowfall, that’s not worth mentioning….
So after the small breakfast we dismounted the tent and then we slipped into the “ice climbing suits” 😉
we had to walk uphill about 150metres of altitude to the start of middle northwall icefall of the hochgolling nordwall.
Thats 300 metres height and climbing difficulty grade WI6- and M5+ (E3).
That does mean it is and icefall with difficulty grade of 6- and a mixed passage with difficulty grade 5+ and a sincerity grade of 3 (nothing for wimps).
The Ice condition was really good. Little bit snow, most of the time mellow ice sometimes hard ice, more or less good safety possibilities. we started to climb at 8 o’clock on the morning.
the first pitches weres about WI 3 then a 4 and a 6- pitch.
Then i got some pains in my loose shoes, i had a salomon shoe with inside extra shoe. it is very warm but not really the best for “hard” ice climbings…
we needed on average about one hour for one pitch, not really good… but it was our first icetour this season.
We had sometimes some powder avalanches but not a danger.
At pitch number six there was the great mixed 5+ traverse on thin ice and much rock. what a feeling to use only some small hooks for the ice tool. unfortunately we could find any fixing point, so we some metres without safety, under us a great ice overhang….
it did work and you can imagine the adrenaline rush.

we finished the icefall at 1pm so we had no chance to climb the whole hochgolling northwall. but the conditons to the mountain top seemed to be really great! so if somebody is interested – just do it! 😉
we went to the left side of the wall and abseiled down on 2 beaten by ourself fixing points.
After 6km’s of walking down we arrived at 17:30 the parking lot.
what a great new years beginning.

thx matthias for your really great iceclimbing skills and motivation!
For those who are interested in ice climbing and want to to some training before to climb some “nice” icefalls just go to the bighorsetower in kirchbach.
Stay safe, stay lovely, peace and respect from Losenstein.

P.S. All Photos from the ice climbing tour i did with my handycam and not really in a relaxing position… Sorry 😉