Leben Was Geht

Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Speedriding Spitzmauer (2446m)

March 31st, 2013

Hi extreme easter bunny’s!
last day the summitsurfers patrick stepan and me drove to hinterstoder for ski mountaineering up to the spitzmauer over the dietlhölle.
we were happy to see a white rabbit! what a great feeling!
unfortunately the summit was covered into clouds so we decided no to go up.
the wind was perfect so we started our speedglider and had a wonderful flight downwards the meisenbergrinne!
thanks for this great sunny speedriding at the easter saturday 😉
happy easter
the summitsurfers team

Speedriding Spitzmauer (2446m)

March 16th, 2013

Hi extreme sun and powder addicted freaks.
this day oliver alex hari and me drove to hinterstoder and hike up the dietlhölle to the spitzmauer!
it was perfect weather and the snow was great.
we had sun perfect view and good mood (ok at the beginning one had some overhanging feeling but we solved this with some coffee and so on..)
nevertheless we managed to get up to the summit and i was lucky start my speedflyer the spitfire.
it was a wonderful flight in an amazing area.
there is a lot of potential on this line!
cya at the mountains
and take care of the avalanches!

Skimountaineering Ebenforstalm

March 10th, 2013

Hi extreme remoteness seekers!
This weekend the kletterkompetenzzentrum camp sibley invited their friendly helpers to this ski mountaineering tour to the ebenforstalm.
we started at the jagahäusl in molln and hiked up to the schaumbergalm and then to the ebenforstalm. the snow was really wet, but it was possible to ski down from the luchsboden to the schaumbergalm not bad.
at the hut we had a welcome when the oven started to gets warmer and warmer 😉
after the coffetime we cooked together our tiroler gröstl. what a nice dinner.
we ended this day with some card games and slept more or less well. it was so hot in the hut 😉
after the eggs breakfast we had to hike down over the bodinggraben to the jagahäusl because there was to less snow to ski down the gully on sunday .
but we were lucky again to finish this tour before the starts raining.
thx for this great adventure tour in the national park kalkalpen.
unfortunately we haven’t seen the baby luchs.
have a nice week

Speedriding Grosser Pyhrgas (2244)

March 3rd, 2013

Hi extreme sun seekers!
This day summitsurfer stepan and me drove to spital / pyhrn and hiked up over the bosruckhut to the grosser pyhrgas.
the sun was shining and the day was perfect.
on the summit there was strong north westerly wind.
but with our small glider we were able to launch our speedys.
little bit more wind and we would have been possible to so some soaring the next time!
thanks for this great day after 2 month of nearly no sun.
have a nice week