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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Ski Mountaineering Schafskögel (Höss)

January 30th, 2011

Hi extreme early morning walkers!
This weekend i did on saturday and sunday the schafskögel with my skis at the höss in hinterstoder.
i hiked up in the morning and had a really wonderful sunrise at the schafskögel with such great panorama from the priel area.
i couldn’t walk further because of my parachute course this and next weekend at the flugschule ternberg
you can imagine skiing down as the first person on the well prepared ski track was funny too….
cya in the flight school

Look at the pictures and you can the new speed riding lines for the future 😉

Ski Mountaineering and Speed Riding Großer Brieglersberg (2148m)

January 23rd, 2011

Hi powder addicted People.
This day i drove to Hinterstoder for hiking up to the Großer Brieglersberg. Yesterday Patrick and me we hiked up until the steep part where we started our speed glider.
And this day i thought to me, i want to do the summit, otherwise our name summitsurfer will not fit 😉
ok i started at 7:10am at the Gasthaus Baumschlagerreith and reached the summit at nearly 12am. the weather was really great. there was about 20 to 30cm fresh powder snow…. i started my speed glider gin yak and flew downwards in 3mins to the poppenalm (1050m). what a nice line!
thx for this great winter day.
cya in the mountains

Speed Riding Höss – Worldcuptrack

January 22nd, 2011

Hi low riders. this day summit surfer Patrick and me we drove to Hinterstoder for Speed riding. We had a permission from the operating officer from the höss bahn. by the way thanks a lot!
The Piste was closed, so we had the chance to do some speed riding with a little help of a ski lift 😉
We had a lof of fun!
Thx for this great day!
First i flew 2 times with the gin yak 16.5m² and the third time with the swing spitfire 11m². what a big fun difference…
cya Bernhard

Speed Flying Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

January 16th, 2011

Life must go on.
So after the tragic accident from our friend hari ten days before, we (patrick and me) decided to go to the mountains again.
we drove to spital for hiking up to the grosser pyhrgas (2244m).
what a nice day with nearly no wind. we had really good visibility and we could see one hot-air balloon.
we arrived at midday and there we had some break. then we did our first speed fly session. i flew with the gin yak 16.5m² and patrick with the swing spitfire 11m².
it was a really easy flight with landing in the village near the church.
thx for this nice mountaineering and flying day.
Here you can read a good article about speed riding warnings.
cya in the mountains

In Memory of Hari

January 14th, 2011

I’m sorry to announce that our friend, mountain comrade and flight colleague hari died on january 6th this year at doing his favourite sport at the festkogel in the gesäuse.
2010-06-05 Klettersteig Giovanni Lipella zur Tofana di Rozes 099
2009-07-03 Klettern Gummikiller 067
2010-06-04 Speedflying Col Nudo 113

Hari experienced in his 31 years more in his life than the “average person” ever in their life.
He lived every moment very intense and died in what he loved most, flying.
He felt within nature and in the air as well. Hari always was there in his element, which we all felt when we watched him while flying.
Hari will always be remembered as our teacher in speed flying and mountaineering.
He was always a great motivator, even if we not longer knew the right way when climbing or mountaineering.
Hari could always find a feasible path through the rocks or mountain. One of his examples was of course the legendary climber Hermann Buhl and his saying: “It must be possible”
Hari had an incredible talent and enthusiastic passion to everything he did: he was a great mountaineer, alpine climber, ice climber, paraglider, speed flyer
He was a real life artist …. a great person and friend.
His tragic accident tears a deep void in us all.
We will miss you very much! 🙁
Our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

Blue Skies and
Rest in Peace Hari


It’s in tomorrow, fortune or sorrow.
Wait, you may win, but now it feels empty.

(“Before We Begin”, Broadcast, 2005)