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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Speedflying Gr. Pyhrgas (5000m Walk&Fly)

July 31st, 2010

Hi sportaddicted people!
This day Patrik and me we drove to Spital/Pyhrn and did 3 times the Grosser Pyhrgas from the Valley to the mountain top.
Thats 5000m’s of altitude difference of walking up. So in Austria we have such high mountain! Crazy, isn’t it.
We started at 6:30am and ended 12 hours later.
The first walk Andi hiked up with us and his paraglider. therefore we needed 3:10. Unfortunately the mountain top was covered with some fog.
But Patrik and me we used a small window between the clouds and ran down and fly down. There was such nice light athmosphere.
For the second walk we needed 02:40 from the valley to the top.
The mountain top was covered too but when we arrived we brought such good vibrations and suddenly the fog dissolved.
The second flight was with a little bit thermal wind. near the valley i had nearly a crash with a golden eagle. this bird passed me 5m beside me. i hope the birds get used to us speedflyer… 😉
Then Patrik and me we walked up a third time and we needed 2:55 to the top. So at this day we hiked 5000m of height difference. anyone who can beat this, i will pay him a beer ;))
Follow the green way!!
At the mountain top we had a lot of sun. Look at the pictures we saw an opitcal phenomenon called “Brocken Spectre” (Brockengespenst) – in our case with a ring glory. amazing!
at 18:20 we flew our last time to spital.
The flight was amazing too.
Thx a lot for this wonderful tour.
So speedflying will change your life!
Try this shit.
Cya on the mountains

Speedflying Grosser Pyhrgas

July 27th, 2010

Hi Speedies!
Last Evening Patrik and me we hiked (ran) up the Gr. Pyhrgas in Spital/Pyhrn.
We needed only 1.5hrs to the Starting place before the mountain top, because we wanted to fly as soon as possible with our speedflyer.
Unfortunately there was a lot of fog around the mountain top.
shit. we waited one hour and then we said, lets go down because we won’t fly through clouds or fog zone.
but 200m’s downwards we saw that the clouds were blown upwards so we went back and would try to start.
We were lucky to start with a little bit of side wind.
patrik didn’t need any step forward, because the upwind was so strong. what a good power start!
You can imagine our feeling while flying downwards at this amazing clouds and sky ambience.
Thx for the nice evening tour.
cya on the mountains and i wish you a nice holiday.
i will go for one or two weeks to switzerland for hiking and speedflying.

Kitesurfing Podersdorf

July 25th, 2010

Hi Dudes!
This weekend Neppi, Thomas, Christoph and me we drove to Podersdorf on the Neusiedler See for Kitesurfing. We had every day good storm conditions with wind up to 70km/h.
The only thing we needed was a 7m² kite. thx for this great stormy action weekend with a lot of meat too ;))
have a nice week and see you on the water

Kitesurfing Podersdorf

July 18th, 2010

Hi Dudes!
This day patrik and me we drove to podersdorf for surfing a nice storm.
we had up to 42knots gusty wind.
not so easy conditions but with the 7m² kite no problem…. 😉
what a great day!
now my body needs some recovery days.
have a nice week

Caving Eislueg

July 18th, 2010

Hi Caveseekers!
Last day, i walked with two friends to the eislueg in hinterstoder for visiting the icecave eislueg!
first we had to hike up 850 metres of altitude with all our equipment. and that was a lot to carry…
from the entrance of the cave there came a lot of cold wind out of it.
than we had to put on our crampon. we had to avseil down 60m to the icelake. first i thought, we had no chance to cross the lake but i throwed a stone we saw, that under 5cm of clear water, there is good ice..
so we were lucky to cross the lake and then there were nice ice formations in the hall. look at the pictures.
we climbed further inside the cave and abseil down 25m into a slot.
on the other side we climbed up a 30 years old wood ladder. some scion were destroyed. then we climbed further inside the cave and ende after 2 ladders, because we had to be back at 6pm. that was our alarm time – you know.
we climbed back to the 25m slot.
then we had some little orientation problems because we needed 3 attempts to find the correct way back to the ice hall. every time we ended at the 25m slot. crazy. the way back looks so different then the way in.
but we were lucky to manage this problem too.
we came out at 5pm from the cave and unfortunately we got a nice welcome with thunderstorm and some rain.
but we get used to it after a while and ended at 7pm in hinterstoder.
thx for the nice day.

Wakeboarding Ausee

July 13th, 2010

Hi Dudes!
This day Phil, Hannes, Joe and me we went to the cablepark on the Ausee.
We tested the 6 feet chilli surfboard – muhaa what a nice surf feeling.
the sun downer was great…
thx for the great session!
cya on the hot water!

Speedflying Kleiner Priel

July 11th, 2010

Hi Speedflyer and Skyrunner!
This Day Patrik and me(bernhard) we hiked up from Hinterstoder with our speedflyer Gin Yak to the Kleiner Priel (2136m above sealevel). we needed 2:45 hrs. nice walking 😉 then we waited one hour for good upwind and ran down like a 100m sprinter and jumped over a rock edge… Lo and behold! We were flying ;)) the first flight was really great because of no big thermal disruption.
We landed on the landing place in Hinterstoder.
Thanks to Daniela for the warm welcome at her flight school Hinterstoder.
Because we had so much fun we decided to hike up a second time. 1.5 liter water and everything is possible we thought – also at 32°C..
we managed the second walk in 3hours. unfortunately at the starting place we had some tailwind but it was possible to start in a lull.
we had good thermal upwinds. on the landing place there were “strong” windy conditons. after 3100m of height on this day and 5500m of height on the weekend i enjoyed the roast at the afternoon.
thx for the great weekend. cya on the mountains or in the air.
have a nice week.

Mountaineering Grosser Priel

July 10th, 2010

Hi Skyrunners!
This day i hiked up from the almtalerhaus over the welserhütte to the grosser priel.
I needed 3:15 hrs with my speedflyer.
there were some skyrunners who need 2:21 hrs. from hinterstoder (polsterlucke) to the top of the grosser priel – respect!!
The early bird catches the worm!
what a nice view on the grosser priel.
Unfortunately there was no good northerly wind like predicted. so i decided to walk down.
The starting on the grosser priel with the speedflyer is not so easy…..
Tomorrow we’ll try another place for starting.
cya on the mountains or in the air…
have a nice evening!

Walk and Fly Kleiner Priel

July 3rd, 2010

Hi mountaineers and parchute addicted people!
this day we (andi and me) drove to hinterstoder and hiked up with our parachute to the kleiner priel to 2136m above sealevel in 3:45 hrs.
What a hot and nice day.
We had some northerly wind and we startet to south, but it was no problem beside some rotor near the ridge.
i saw the spitzmauer and the grosser priel from a different view than normal! what a nice 31min. flight full of thermal action.
at the landing there was strong valley wind. take care of this wind!!
someone was not lucky and landed in the tree.
thanks for the great day!
cya on the mountains or in the air…
have a nice evening!

Slacklinen Steyr

July 1st, 2010

Hi Waterliners!
This evening andi, cliff, martina and me we went to the wehrgraben in steyr for a nice 20m waterline because to do some nice jumps and to cool down…
great day!