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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Highlining Camp Sibley

August 23rd, 2010

Hi Adrenaline addicted Freaks!
This evening Jonathan, Andi, Stefan and me we went for highlining to the highline in the kletterkompetenzzentrum camp sibley.
the highline is 14m long and about 15m high.
jonathan and andi managed the great highline without protection on the backup line above. respekt! you guys have big balls! 😉
cya bernhard

Slacklinen Steyr

July 1st, 2010

Hi Waterliners!
This evening andi, cliff, martina and me we went to the wehrgraben in steyr for a nice 20m waterline because to do some nice jumps and to cool down…
great day!

110m Slackline at Camp Sibley

September 6th, 2009

Hi wellbalanced friends!

sorry guys, that i haven’t done any uploads the last days: one reason was that we have done an exploration – what i am not willing to publish now and the other was the stag night on friday from david scheutz. i think that needs some privacy protection. you can imagine that we had a lot of fun (david had to do some wakeboarding with a girls swim suit and then he had to sell drinks in a dirndl dress with gumboots… long night…)

This day we(Eder Tobi and Huber Andi and me ) did a 110m longline session at the camp sibley.
huber andi managed to go in both directions the whole line – big up man!
and i have at the last 10m the problem, that my brain says to me: don’t do this shit man…
and finally andi did some nice extreme surfings on the long line.
by the way: on wednesday brenninger daniel managed the 110m slackline too. respect!
cya bernhard

110m Slackline at Camp Sibley

August 30th, 2009

Hi Folks!
This Sunday was a nice sports day.
first i did at 6am a 2 hours earlymorning kitesurfsession in traunkirchen.
you can imagine the wonderful atmosphere dark lake and only some surfers outside, the nice traunstein in red coloured contures. 1 hour later the first sun rays – wowww!!! great beginning of the day.
in the afternoon we built a 110m slackline at the camp sibley. that was not so easy, but we managed to fix the line.
huber andreas (steyr) managed the whole 110m slackline. he counted the steps: it was 220 steps – Congratulation!!
brenninger daniel (steyr) managed nearly the line, he missed only the last 3 metres. and i (bernhard gruber) had to go 15 metres more… forster christoph has to train a bit more, then he also is able to manage the longline.
you can see the fixing height on a picture, where a car is driving unter the line.
what a balance feeling!
have a nice week!

80m Slackline in Schloßpark in Steyr

August 5th, 2009

This Day, Tobias Eder end me (Bernhard Gruber) we tried the 80m Slackline in the Schloßpark in Steyr.
What a great feeling, standing on such a big line! That’s not a “Childrens birthday” -* you know 😉
Tobi managed walking over the line for four times – awesome!
i managed to the middle of the line – ok i have to train a bit more!
On the following day Andreas Huber managed the 80m slackline – respekt!
cya bernhard

110m Slackline in Camp Sibley

August 1st, 2009

Hi Folks!
This day i built the first time a 110m Slackline Setup at the Camp Sibley in Laussa.
I used a chain tension (1500kg 5m), a slackbanana, 2 treeslings and 2 steelcarabiners and a 110m 25mm slackline from the Seilerei Peter from Wangen in Allgäu.
thats it. i needed half an hour for tighten the slackline with the chain tension. hard work – really!
the first meter had a good tension but after a while i got really bad bashes from the opposite side – woww.
so i have a new project where i have to train for this distance. lets see when i can manage this long line!