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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Kitesurfing in Breitenbrunn

November 30th, 2009

Hi Windaddicts!
This day alexander ahrer and me (bernhard gruber) we drove to breitenbrunn for kitesurfing because there was great southstorm predicted for the windforecast.
we had 25 to 36kn southeasterly wind at about 15°C temperature.
i flew at the beginning with the north vegas 12m² and then i switched to the north vegas 7m². for the ending session i took the north vegas 10m². what a great surfing day. no hand glooves was needed..
thx for this big surfing day!

Caving Kaninchenhöhle

November 28th, 2009

Hi Batmen and Batwomen!
This day i drove alone to altaussee for visiting the kaninchenhoehle near the loser.
unfortunately martin felt not good and cliff thought, this action wouln’t be worth it 😉
first i had some problems with the icy street near the loser alm, i had to park my car beside the street, because my wheels had no grip…
but not a big problem, only some metres of altidude more – thats good for the condition training i thought…..
so i went with my gear in the foggy snowing weather to the karl stöger steig, where i lost my way sometimes…
i had only the gps coordinates and so i had to navigate with the garmin gps. it was really great to work in an alpine area with this tool. most of the time i followed the track of the chamoises. i had to cross through many worn-out shoes. therefore i cut many branches with a “fold saw”.
then the sun was coming, what a nice mood.
inside the cave it was sometimes really big rooms and corridors and sometimes very narrow too.
i used also my working cloves as a marker at the crossing points, because i didn’t want to lost my way in the cave. unfortunately the gps is not working inside a cave 😉
at 2:pm i went back to my car and had a really nice weather for hiking back.
the loser hut has got a really great panorama. wonderful.
have a nice sunday

Caving Scheissmauertrichter

November 22nd, 2009

Hi Caveseekers.
Last Day, Heli Steinmassl, Ralf Cassebaum and me (Bernhard Gruber) we went to Hinterstoder for exploring a “new” cave near the Eislueg.
We named it Scheissmauertichter because it is in the scheissmauer and the entrance looks like a cone.

first we climbed uphill with our equipment to the eislueg, we had a look some metres inside. we could not see a lot of ice in the entrance. perhaps after the winter the cave get more ice again.
then we went to the scheissmauer and abseil down to the cave entrance over a mountain pine. the firs abseil pitch is about 80m’s inside the cave on a 43° steep snow hill. the snow was not hard frozen, but we used crampons.

then we go climbed without any rope the left corridor about 250m with some narrow canyons and nice climbings with the back and footings method.
We saw many bats also mummies and carcasses from bats.
we also climbed down a hole but everyone ended for us. everyone said, thats good otherwise we had to carry all the equipment like ropes and so on over this “difficult” and hard and narrow corridor.
so we went back and did the measuring (length, horizontal and vertical direction) and drawing a map.

at the main hall we went to the right side there was a very flat ground with gravel. we explored here a corridor we we thaught to here a waterfall. i climbed in this really narrow corridor with the feet at the beginning and then there was such a big wind stream, but unfortunately the noise was the wind and not the water.
so we didn’t found any possibilities to continue the cave.
we could see also some stalactites and stalacmites.
after some photos we climbed uphill to the entrance.
we measured 455metres at all in this cave.
we arrived at 10pm the parking lot after a warm but hard hike through our loved mountain pines 😉
Wonderful cave, the access way is not the best, but perhaps the next time i can fly down with a speedglider ;))
have a nice week

Caving Brotfallschächte in Hinterstoders

November 15th, 2009

hi caveseekers!
last day, i went with heli steinmassl caving to the brotfall near the großer priel in hinterstoder.
first we walked uphill 1800 metres with the snow shoes and the tour skis and carried the whole caving equipment including a 200m dynema 8mm diameter rope.
at 12:45 we arrived at the cave entrance.

then we abseil down about 40metres in a snow cave and did the measurement and drew a cave sketch. there were some nice icecles but in 40metres depth there was the temporary ending because of too much snow inside the cave. perhaps of the last big snow falls 3 weeks ago. shit happens.

then we climbed around the overhang and explored another big cave with many entrances. this must be the correct entrance, where a missing mountaineer falled down in the cave some months ago.

the time was about 15:45 so i walked down with the snow shoes to the hut and enjoyed the beautiful sunset while heli was drawing the cave sketch. what an amazing sunset! after the prielschutzhaus it was dark and finally we went down together to the car. at 18:20 we arrived the car.

then i had a nice bath in the cold river because at 19:30 thomas huber was coming for presenting his slideshow im vakuum der zeit…
thx for the great day!

Barcelona 2009

November 3rd, 2009

Hola chicas e chicos!
Last weekend i drove with my friends (Stephan G., Ralf H. and Pepi S.) for five days to Barcelona.
That was our first “Ennsfest surprise holiday” – that means, one organizes the trip and the others don’t know where the holiday will take place. Very funny for all adventure freaks like me.
First the flight goes to berlin, so my friends believed, ok berlin is the city, but then i moved to the connection flight direction,… you can imagine their strange feeling because they thaught, ok it is berlin and get responded to it.
while entering the next gate they got to know the holiday place.
what a surprise!!!
We were also lucky to met christoph m. from carinthia who is a friend of pepi, a jazz violine player and teacher in barcelona who showed us some good clubs on the first day.
Barcelona is a really great lively city for good nightlife, good architecture and beaching or surfing as well.
we slept at the * pension mendoza in the la ramblas opoosite of la boqueria – for us the best and cheapest place.
there are so nice small streets to walk we visted the la segrada de familia, park guell, and many other nice places.
we met tito a derelict from barcelona who showed us the real barcelona…
we must play guitar for tourists on the streets for living.
on sunday we went to the beach for swimming in the sea (imagine we had november) then we got a massage from two chinese girls direct near the sea for 5 euros. thats holiday…

the nightlife is really great too, one of the best club we visited even every days for some hours was the soul club. i think that is one of the best soul funk jazz bar in europe. the positive vibes here were fascinating – wonderful for dancing…
another good place is harlem jazz club or the boulevard culture club
we found good restaurants like la taberna del cura in the garcia quarter or the salamanca near the beach for the best paellas or the davids restaurant for very good fondues and wines.

The police was seen on every street and crossing. because at about 2am the dubious people came out to the street. for instance , one young pickpocket tried to stole my money but i was lucky that i recognized this immediately.
you find also the refugees from afrika who tried to sell very nervous their fakes from the expensive handbags and watches…

There is also a good latin and salas streetband scene in barcelona like 8 Punto G or Marlene Parafioriti and in la rambla you find really good street artists performing their shows.
it was also possible to do a kitesession in barcelona, unfortunately i let my gear at home – aaaaaaaaaaaa.
ok the next time i will bring my kite equipment to barcelona.
The southely laid back feeling is also very great here, you can feel and see this everywhere…
i hope i can visit barcelona next year, perhaps with my kites 😉

Hasta Luego.