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Caving Scheissmauertrichter

November 22nd, 2009

Hi Caveseekers.
Last Day, Heli Steinmassl, Ralf Cassebaum and me (Bernhard Gruber) we went to Hinterstoder for exploring a “new” cave near the Eislueg.
We named it Scheissmauertichter because it is in the scheissmauer and the entrance looks like a cone.

first we climbed uphill with our equipment to the eislueg, we had a look some metres inside. we could not see a lot of ice in the entrance. perhaps after the winter the cave get more ice again.
then we went to the scheissmauer and abseil down to the cave entrance over a mountain pine. the firs abseil pitch is about 80m’s inside the cave on a 43° steep snow hill. the snow was not hard frozen, but we used crampons.

then we go climbed without any rope the left corridor about 250m with some narrow canyons and nice climbings with the back and footings method.
We saw many bats also mummies and carcasses from bats.
we also climbed down a hole but everyone ended for us. everyone said, thats good otherwise we had to carry all the equipment like ropes and so on over this “difficult” and hard and narrow corridor.
so we went back and did the measuring (length, horizontal and vertical direction) and drawing a map.

at the main hall we went to the right side there was a very flat ground with gravel. we explored here a corridor we we thaught to here a waterfall. i climbed in this really narrow corridor with the feet at the beginning and then there was such a big wind stream, but unfortunately the noise was the wind and not the water.
so we didn’t found any possibilities to continue the cave.
we could see also some stalactites and stalacmites.
after some photos we climbed uphill to the entrance.
we measured 455metres at all in this cave.
we arrived at 10pm the parking lot after a warm but hard hike through our loved mountain pines 😉
Wonderful cave, the access way is not the best, but perhaps the next time i can fly down with a speedglider ;))
have a nice week