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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Grosser Buchstein (2224m) Via Ferrata Southwall

September 30th, 2012

Hi extreme mountain hut chillers!
This weekend some working colleagues from engel and i went to gstatterboden for hiking up to the buchstein hut.
there we enjoyed nice dinner with wild pig ragout 😉
on saturday morning we hiked up to the beginning of the via ferrata southwall.
unfortunately we had some drizzle. but the group decided to go the via ferrata.
after some minutes we were lucky that the drizzle rain stopped.
and the mood of the via ferrata beginners started to get into a more or less comfort feeling 😉
at the mountain top we enjoyed a great view around the gesäuse.
after a break we hiked downwards on the normal route to the buchstein hut and filled up our electrolyte storages 😉
after 2 hours walking down to gstatterboden we wery lucky to sit into the car..
thanks for this great weekend in the gesäuse.
cya on the mountains

Speedflying Grimming (2351m)

September 24th, 2012

Hi extreme ski jumpers!
Last day summitsurfer tom, stepan and me drove to niederstuttern for hiking up the grimming and speedflying down to kulm.
First we hiked up to the multereck where tom was able to start in south easterly direction to the parking lot.
stepan and i decided to go to the summit of the grimming and start to the west because of much westerly wind.
at the top we enjoyed the amazing surrounding.
at 3pm after long searching where the best starting place could be we launched our speedglider and flew down to kulm.
i was able to flew over the skiflying hill kulm.
the persons at the landing place thought, i was going on a mushroom foray 😉
thanks for this nice day in the aussee area..