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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Kitesurfing in Denmark

July 29th, 2009

On Tuesday last week Hans-Peter Seibold from Salzburg and me (Bernhard Gruber) we drove to Denmark for Kitesurfing holidays. The Distance from Salzburg was 1270km’s and we need 11.5 hours.
Unfortunately they don’t have the euro, so we had to exchange the money. On Wednesday we arrived early in the morning and we checked in to the skaven camping near tarm at the ringkobing fjord and we joined the kitecollegues Markus Mühlbacher and Daniel Ripper from salzburg. We slept for some hours in our tent and then we go to the beach, yeah thats life. sun, sideonshore wind (southwest), lot of place, lot of time…. Rocking Rocking Rocking.
at evening we did some nice cooking with the camping gas cookers. we were very lucky to have Hans-Peter Seibold in our team, because he is a professional cook. His Slogan is “… I COOK THEREFORE I AM…”
On Thursday and Friday we went kitesurfing at the skaven beach too. It was raining sometimes in the night or in the morning, but when the sun came there was wind. and we are not made from sugar so that was no problem for us 😉
at the evening we also tried some games like slacklining, the wikinger game, and the crap game “mäxchen” where you have to try to lie as good as possible which was not easy but very funny.
we had also nice neighbours at the camping place (frank, tina and christian from denmark).
On Saturday we drove to Hvide Sande, that’s a very good spot beside klitböller for wavekiting in the northsea.
it was strong northwestwind with waves up to 1.5m predicted so we took our smallest kites to the south beach of Hvide Sande and got some information from the lifeguard.
First it was “normal” strong wind with some waves.
to get outside need a little bit of experience but with a little bit of downwind direction of the board or jumping over the beach break we got outside to the nice great waves. what a feeling. i remeber my last holidays in vietnam in mui ne, where we also had such condition every day but with warmer temperature…
we did a three hours wavekite session and the wind was getting stronger and stronger. i did some high jumps with my 10m² north vegas 2008 but 3 times i lost my board and one time my kite dropped into water. on two times i had to go outside to the beach and every time a kiter brought me my lost kiteboard to the beachside. so thank you very much. the wavekiter here take care for each one, because one fault and if you are unlucky you can end somewhere in the ocean. i think in austria we also should try open our eyes and help each kiter with problems if possible and needed.
Hang Loose!
We met a judith, a windsurf instructor from hamburg who is working in Bork Havn.
Thx for Hans-Peter for taking many nice shots!
Markus dropped his kite into the water and had to go out to the beach because of an open vave from the maintube.
On Saturday evening we felt very tired into the bed.
On Sunday we did some Kitesurfing in skaven Beach again.
On Monday we (Markus, Dani and Bernhard) did a Downwinder from Bork Haven to Skaven. First we did a one hour flat water session with offshore wind and then we decided to go to skaven. that was really great. you can imagine you can jump every time and you don’t have to take care not to drift away from your starting point. we had a lot of fun and we tried many jumps! muhaaaaaaa.
then we drove back to bork havn and visited the bork haven surf shops for some burgers and fish breds and danish girls ;))
do you know that the danish girls don’t wear underwear? really!
ok. Monday evening was our last evening so we did a nice cooking again and visited our neighbours for some gammel daenks (alter däne). that is a strong alcohol and a daenish coffee. thx!
On Tuesday it was a sunny day again so we used the nice weather to clean and dry our kites.
At miday we checked out and hans-peter and me we drove back home to austria. Markus and Daniel they drove to Römö and then to St. Peter Ording to visit a Championship from the Kite Professionals.
On Wednesday at 2:30am i arrived in losenstein.
What a nice Holiday! So anyone who is interested to go to denmark for wavesurfing in the autumn, just call me!!
the bigger the wave the better! Wowww!

Kitesurfing in Denmark (Skaven Beach)

July 21st, 2009

Attention, please!
Finally, it’s holiday time!
Hans Peter Seibold from Salzburg and me Bernhard Gruber, we will drive today to Skaven Beach in Denmark. I have North Kites from 6m² up to 16m².
I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

Canyoning Hochschlacht

July 20th, 2009

This Day Martin Fickert and Bernhard Gruber (That’s me) we drove with our Mtb’s to the Reichraminger Hintergebirge and we did a Canyoning Tour at the Hochschlacht Bach.
The weather was cloudy but it wasn’t rainy.
There was not too much water like we tried the last times where we had to cancel the tour because of big danger.
So we had to abseil down up to 30m’s and we could jump and slide many times.
So it was really funny beside the cold water and no sunny weather.
Martin took some pics with his snapshot camera.


July 13th, 2009

This Day Matthias Mollner, Martin Fickert, Christoph Forster and Bernhard Gruber (That’s me), we went caving to the schwarzmooskogeleishöhle near the loser in altaussee at the “totes gebirge”.
We started at 7 o’clock from the top of the mountain pass. then we walked about two hours with the help of gps to the entrance of the cave. unfortunately it rained sometimes for a while but we said to us: there is no bad weather, only bad equipment…
at 10 o’clock we began to abseil down the first 70m shaft (1st:30m, 2nd:40m). at the beginning there were some rockfoll, but no problem for us.
it was a really great feeling to abseil down 40m into a free dark big hall – it is called “altauseerhalle”. amazing!
Then there were some nice ice pathes and canyons with yellow couloured walls and then a block of rock where we abseil down for about 4m.
Then we had to climb up a 10m heigh icewall, at the top we saw a inscription of “Hütter 1938”. so the first cave explorers where in the year 1938 here in this room. crazy!
then we had to abseil down for about 15m where we could see beautiful ice formations. after that there was an ice lake, it was inpossible to walk over so we had to climb up an ice wall and abseil down beside the sea.
then the last 7m height ice wall for ice climbing. we were lucky to had matthias in our group, because he is a very good iceclimber.
here we are!
the snow vulcano hall!
thats the biggest ice hall in europe! one great big snow cone, many ice columns and many ice cones! here we took some pictures and then martin and me, we took the “elefanteneingang” to exit the cave, the others had to go back and bring all the mounted ropes outside the cave. we only had to walk back for 20minutes to the main entrance of the smk. the other need 1.5 hours more time ;)) so we could do some snack and relaxing. at 17:30 we went back to the car. at 19:45 we got the first beer at the looserhütte. there was a really great view to the the dachstein area and the altausseer see.
at half past 10 we arrived very tired in steyr.
nevertheless we had a lot of fun beside some troubles with the tblocks and a person who didn’t want to believe that we all have to wear crampons.
thx to all in the group for doing their best!

Kitesurfing in Cerna Lake Lipno

July 8th, 2009

This day i went kitesurfing to cerna to the moldaustausee.
we were about 12 people of surfers of upperaustria, only one lokal kitesurf guy.
it was an up and down – not the best day – but after 2 weeks without surfing it was a really great session!!

Climbing in Gesäuse – Gummikiller

July 3rd, 2009

This Day Harry and i, we tried to climb the Gummikiller at Kleiner Ödstein.
We started at 5:15 near the Köblwirt (We did a camping overnight there) and we were at the start of the climbing about 7:30. We had beautiful warm weather – no clouds.
There was a big gap between the snow and the rocks. that was really tricky!
Then we did 11 pitches of really fantastic climbing at water eroded rocks.
Harry was in a very good condition and he did the difficult pitches.
Suddenly there came some clouds with raining and some thunderstorm. so we decided to abseil down back on the route what we climbed up.
At 15:15 we went back to the car. Then we visited the alpinist cemetery in johnsbach and then we climbed the fixed rope route in johnsbach near the tunnel.

Climbing at Pfenningstein in Losenstein

July 1st, 2009

This Day, Harry and I, we did some nice climbings at the pfenningstein in losenstein (upperaustria).
The routes were restored last year.
What a nice feeling, i can recommend this solid rock – woww!
it is also good to get in good condition for alpine climbing.
Here are the Topos: Topo Pfenningstein Südwand and Topo Pfenningstein Ostwand.
Thats why we came here for training. On the weekend we want to visit the gesäuse mountains!!
After climbing we had a bath in the stiedelsbach and then we went to the gasthaus blasl for some beer. ooooh….