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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Short holiday over Pfingsten

May 20th, 2013

Hi extreme families!
Last weekend my brothers and sisters with their friends and children we drove to bad ausee for making a short holiday together.
we slept at the josefinum which is hosted by the kreuzschwestern.
This pension was very attractive and for our family perfect because we could use the breakfast room for our partys 😉
we could also use the playground for playing with the children!
on saturday we drove up to the loser restaurant were we hiked up on the snow to the loser.
josef were the brave man who did a tandem parachute flight with me over this region!
what a nice scenery!
Then we drove to Grundlsee and did a hike to the toplitzsee which is famous for its pretended treasure of gold.
we very lucky to get some good grilled fish 😉
on sunday we drove to hallstatt and did a sightseeing tour.
on the last day we climbed some crazy adrenaline parcours at the hochseilkletterpark in altausee
Thanks for this great family weekend!

Shorttrip with friends in Romania

October 30th, 2012

Hi extreme want to know where the surprise weekend will get travellers!
Last weekend the vfek headquarter went on a short trip to romania.
this surprise tripe organised daniel, the others didn’t know where the trip will head on.
so it was very funny.
unfortunately a other trip member failed to get to the meeting point so we were only five people.
we flew to bucarest and with the train we drove to constanta on the black sea.
we slept at the eol777 hostel in constanta, which was very simple but a nice location to visit the city.
we had a great dinner in a fish restaurant at the harbour.
after some cocktails we eneded in our great rooms.
next day we did some walking through the city and to the beach. the beach was great for swimming and not so cold as i thought 😉
after a great afternoon we drove with the train back to constanta.
we did not do the same fault , when we didn’t bought any drinks and food for this long train trip.
there were no restaurant waggon on the romanian train.
but on this train trip back we wery fully equipped the the essential stuff 😉
back at bucarest we checked in into our hostel and enjoyed the nightlife in this great city.
it’s also called the paris of the eastern.
on saturday we did 2 hours of paintball in the afternoon and then we drove back for jumping into nightlife again.
on sunday we got up and after breakfast we drove back to the airport.
thanks for this great vfek surprise holiday.
we had lot of fun in an amazing area.
a nice country to visit to overcome prejudices..
cya in tome the next weekend

Kiting Le Tour

April 26th, 2012

This day we did a ski mountaineering tour from le tour(1462m) to the col de balme (2270m). Because of wind from the wrong direction we decided to ski down to plan des reines where we had nice conditions beside the warm snow to do kiting with our speed glider. there we also discovered the Emosson Dam in switzerland. philipp wanted do do a basejump in the next future…
lets see.
thanks for the nice action day.

Mustagh Ata Ski-Expedition

August 31st, 2011

This sommer i did a mountain expedtion in china to the mustagh ata (7546m) with ruefa bergreisen.
my plan was to go up by skies to the summit and fly down with the speedglider.
the chances were about 30% to fly down from the top. nevertheless i wanted to try this action.
i got a new glider from swing – the hybrid sport 17.
so we started at 27th of july in munich and flew over moscow to bishkek in kirgisia.
our guide alex – we called him “manager” from the mountain agency tien shan travel picked us up at the airport on the morning and we drove directly to naryn which is a city on the silk road. on the next day we drove to the touragat pass (3752m) and entered china after many checkpoints (in kirgisa we had 4 to manage or wait….)
at the chinese boarder we had to carry all our luggage some meters over the border line to the already waiting truck.
fortunately the streets in china were better then in kirgisia so we had a more or nice time on the road with our new guide (mr. kong) from the mountain agency in kashgar.
after a x-ray session from the whole luggage at the chinese checkpoint we arrived at half past 7 in kashgar at our hotel. first we had to carry up our luggage to the room, but then we were happy to enjoy our first dinner at the chinese restaurant. a strange thing was, that it is normal too bring the drinks from the shops to the restaurant…. good idea – isn’t it?
we did nice and hot sight seeing in kashgar city and bought the rest for the expedition.
on saturday night suddenly there drove amor-cased water gun cars across the streets. on the morning we heard that there were some terror attacks from the uygur people with 8 murdered people. thats an ethnic minority group here. here in xinjiang region there are about 50 minority groups. you can imagine the different culture what you can see here. some days later there was an terror attack in kashgar with 14 murdered people. crazy. nobody recognised here in europe.
nevertheless we reached on the karakorum highway after a long travel the village subashi (3726m). at the evening we could see the massive mountain mustagh ata.
here we are…..
we had a nice dinner outside and enjoyed the great energy from the mountain. the night we slept in a yurt which was great and warm with our sleeping bags.
on tuesday the 1st of august the camels get packed and after breakfast we hiked in 4 hours to our basecamp (4530m). during the day the temperature rise up to 25°C. what a hot area here. but when clouds has covered the sky the temperature falled down rapidly…..
next stories coming soon – now its weekend.

cya Bernhard

Mustagh Ata Expedition

July 21st, 2011

Hi extreme summer chillers!
On Wednesday 24.7.2011 i start an Expedition to the Mustagh Ata (7546m) in China.
I fly to Bishkek in Kirgisia and we’ll drive on the silk road to china.
Then we do some walking with the camels to the base camp.
We have 3 weeks for climbing to the the summit with our skis.
Hopefully the wind is less and it will come from the right side then i will launch my new speed flyer. The new Hybrid Sport from Swing with 17m².
Have a look at the great line there! yihaaaaaaa

Actual tracking from Bernhard to the summit of Mustagh Ata.

Thanks a lot to my sponsors:


for the Speedglider Hybrid Sport 17m²


for the Mountain Equipment

Brandspot Satellitenkommunikation

for the Spot Messenger


for the good vibrations

My Buddy Oliver Dreier

for the neighbour and flight connection – Ennstal rules!

Speed Flying Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

May 29th, 2011

This Day we went Speedflying to the Grosser Pyhrgas in Spital.
there was a lot of new snow above 1700metres of altitude.
at the first flight i had north westerly wind at about 40km/h.
at the second walk i met 2 nice mountaineering girls with running shoes walking the hofersteig in the snow from freistadt. big respekt!!
first i thought 2 times must be enough, but i got a sms from patrick they wanted to do a flight together with me. so i flew down to the Pyhrgassattel and hiked up with the other summitsurfers a 3rd time to the summit. oh you can imagine my tired tighs…
martin flew with his parachute to spital and patrick and me we flew with our speedglider the hasenbergrinne downwards as fast as possible 😉
what a great flight together.
so speedflying alone makes half as much fun and togehter is the ulitimate experience.
have fun together and enjoy your life.

Speed Riding Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

December 18th, 2010

Hi extreme “positive vibrated” Summit Surfer!
This day Patrick and me we drove to Spital/Pyhrn for doing a speedride session with our new speedglider spitfire 11m² from swing.
we hiked up in 4:30 hours to the mountain top with our skis!
first there was good powder conditions in the forest. but on the ridge there was good westerly wind which made the summit bloody cold. the temperature was about -15°C. so with the 30-50km/hrs wind we had more the -20°C windchill. brrr
the mountain was covered by clouds but after 10minutes when we arrived the summit it got cleared. thats only possible with positive vibrations!!
at 4pm we tried to launch or glider but it was not so easy because of the deep snow. but when you have the spitfire over you, the only thing you need is speed to get riding.
the speed riding from the grosser pyhrgas was really amazing but we took care not to ski while riding because of the different snow condition.
next time we can do some ski rides too 😉
the landing was difficult because i could only see a white area and no contours, therefore i did not really had a clean landing. but thats not important 😉
thx for this great winter day!
cya on the mountains for sure

Speedflying Zimnitz/Leonsberg (1745m)

November 21st, 2010

Hi virgin speedflyers and extreme mountaineers!
Yesterday, Martin, Harry and me we drove to the salzkammergut for doing pioneering work and tried a new speedflying possible mountain.
first we thought we can do the feuerkogel, but thats only for easterly wind and there was also some fog upon there. so we decided to drive ahead.
then we saw a nice mountain on the right hand side. the zimnitz aka leonsberg (1745m). we hiked up there for 2 hours and had a lot of fun starting our gliders at southerly wind speed of about 35km/h.
martin did his first flight with his speedflyer. Well down martin!
Harry had a nice start and i had a lot of fun with many deep and steep spirals ;))
thx for this gread mountain.
cya in the air

Beaching in Tessin

August 13th, 2010

Hi Relaxing Dudes!
On our last day we spent some hours for cliff diving, swimming and relaxing in the the Valle Maggia and Valle Verzasca in tessin. thats an really amazing spot with white limestones and clear water pools. wonderful.
jumps down from about 20m’s were possible.
Werner put his digicam on the roof of his car, we drove about 30km’s around switzerland and found the camera on the roof of the car at the petrol station. the camera got fixed on the rails. good engineering job from bmw 😉
thx for this great vaccation in the beautiful switzerland.
cya as soon as possible in the mountains.

Speed Flying Breithorn 4164m

August 13th, 2010

Hi Mountain Speedies!
On Saturday we drove to Zermatt and we used the cable car to drive up to the Klein-Matterhorn at 3884m.
We hiked in very good conditions to the breithorn in 01:06′ at 4164m above sealevel.
What a nice view around. we could see about 150km’s.
We were happy to met the mountain professor. he explained us all the mountains around us.
Like monte viso, Grand Paradiso, Mount Blanc, Walkerpfeiler, Weisshorn, Jungfrau, Dent Blanche, Matterhorn, Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn.
At the mountain top there was a verry strong northwesterly wind. so i flew down with my speedflyer gin yak to the south and then i made a turn into the wind, i used all my speed range to fly down in the northern direction because of the strong wind and the nozzle effect.
nevertheless i flew near the breithorn mountain and i crossed the unterer theodulglacier. i had a hard landing in an small valley, because i wouldn’t dare to fly further down because of so many trees, cable cars and high voltage cables.
nevertheless i had a lot of fun to fly in such an amazing scenery.
thx a lot!
we were happy to get a sleeping place in the Hotel Bahnhof in Zermatt. It has an alpine flair and affordable prices.
The streets in Zermatt are filled with enough yodelling kitsch to make heidi cringe. 😉
cya bernhard