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Beaching in Tessin

Hi Relaxing Dudes!
On our last day we spent some hours for cliff diving, swimming and relaxing in the the Valle Maggia and Valle Verzasca in tessin. thats an really amazing spot with white limestones and clear water pools. wonderful.
jumps down from about 20m’s were possible.
Werner put his digicam on the roof of his car, we drove about 30km’s around switzerland and found the camera on the roof of the car at the petrol station. the camera got fixed on the rails. good engineering job from bmw 😉
thx for this great vaccation in the beautiful switzerland.
cya as soon as possible in the mountains.

2 responses to “Beaching in Tessin”

  1. franz says:

    hello Bernhard,

    I assume the water had hot tub temperature :-(. I’m amazed of the washed out stone cliffs and the great pools in between….what a beautiful place in deed!
    thx for those images

  2. engineering jobs these days are on high demand as the economy recovers from recession~-;

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