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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Highlining Camp Sibley

August 23rd, 2010

Hi Adrenaline addicted Freaks!
This evening Jonathan, Andi, Stefan and me we went for highlining to the highline in the kletterkompetenzzentrum camp sibley.
the highline is 14m long and about 15m high.
jonathan and andi managed the great highline without protection on the backup line above. respekt! you guys have big balls! 😉
cya bernhard

Climbing Basejumping Speedflying Pichlweg Dachstein

August 23rd, 2010

Hi Exit-Lovers!
Yesterday Harry, Patrik and me we started at 5:00am to the dachstein for climbing the pichlweg. in our backpack we put our speedflyer for flying down the dachstein.
before the climbing start we had to climb and cross a small steep ice field. that was really dangerous because we were so clever to take no crampons with us. aaaaaa
at 7:00am we started as the first team in a 3 person climbing team the pichlweg. the topo you can find here.
it was a really nice and great climbing compared to the more than overcrowed famous steinerweg, which is not more beautiful.
we decided for the best tour.
at 09:50 i got a sms: “Sind am exit – springen in ca. 10min.martin”
so we waited for about 30minutes . “EXIT” And then we saw martin and his friend jumping down over the “münchner kamine” downwards the dachstein southwall with their wingsuits. first the fly down closely over us and accelerated and then they turned right and flew close the southwall westwards and further to the south where they opened their parachutes on a small grassfield near a way. what a feeling to look to one of the best extreme sport.
after this nice interlude we climbed further the nice tour and finished at 12:00am at the ridge. the we climbed upwards the eastridge first to the exit point where the basejumper jumped down and then to the mountain top. what a nice feeling to reach the dachstein 2998m on a fair-minded tour. thx for harry who did a really nice climbing as a leader.
after our lunch we went to the western ridge and found a small start place, where harry and patrik startet their speedflyer and flew down to ramsau. respect!! i went down to the cable car, because i felt not comfortable to start the speedflyer alone in this really “stoney” starting place. in the winter i will fly for sure the dachstein! yeahh.
thx for this really great tour!
dachstein is everytime worth it.
cya on the mountains

Beaching in Tessin

August 13th, 2010

Hi Relaxing Dudes!
On our last day we spent some hours for cliff diving, swimming and relaxing in the the Valle Maggia and Valle Verzasca in tessin. thats an really amazing spot with white limestones and clear water pools. wonderful.
jumps down from about 20m’s were possible.
Werner put his digicam on the roof of his car, we drove about 30km’s around switzerland and found the camera on the roof of the car at the petrol station. the camera got fixed on the rails. good engineering job from bmw 😉
thx for this great vaccation in the beautiful switzerland.
cya as soon as possible in the mountains.

Mountaineering Dufourspitze 4634m and Nordend 4609m

August 13th, 2010

Hi Mountaineerers!
On sunday we drove with the gornergrat bahn from zermatt to rotenboden. Unfortunately the new monte rosa hut was fully booked. so we had to take our cmaping and biwak gear with us.
We needed 02:48′ from rotenboden to the new monte rosa hütte.
At the gorner glacier we saw many mountain tourist from england and other countries who are staying a night with an alpine guide on the new most modern hut. they hut was the next coming 3 weeks fully booked. 98% of the bookings are mountain tourist who are not willing to climb up a mountain top. so all the “real” mountain aspirants had to sleep in their own tent and bring all the bivouac gear with them.
i want to claim the sac for this bad situation.
i think there should be at least 50% free for the alpinist who wants to do a reservation some days before.
nevertheless we found a nice place with a great view to the matterhorn. at the evening we hiked up to the “obere platte”.
the sunset was really amazing and we slept more or less in our tent.
at 02:20am we stood up and had our small breakfast.
we started at 02:45am and hiked up to the glacie beginning. we passed a group from italy and we struggled through the calving glacier. we walked thorugh crevasse with 20 or more metres depth. sometimes we heard some strange noises from the tenesion when we walked on the glacier. this was not a really great feeling but werner was lucky to find the way thourgh this dangerous part of the glacier.
then we ran up to the monte rosa glacier. the sunrise was amazing too. thanks a lot.
first we had to climb on the steep ice shoulder and then there was a very nice but short rock climbing to the mountain top dufourspitze at 4634m.
we needed 05:30′ for the hiking. then we we abseil down on fixed ropes to the silbersattel and climbed up our second 4000m mountain top on htis day, the nordend 4609m. there was one difficulty grade 3 climbing point on the ridge. really great climbing with the heavy gear in this altitude. there was a lot of cold westerly wind. i flew down with my speedflyer gin yak the glacier until the calving glacier. because it was to dangerous for werner to climb alone through the glacier.
we arrived at 01:45pm our tent and went back to the gornergrat. we reached train at 18:00 and we felt absolutely exhausted. werner slept in the train when we drove down the nice scenery….
you can imagine that we had a good and long night for recovering.
thx for these nice days.
cya on the western alps

Speed Flying Breithorn 4164m

August 13th, 2010

Hi Mountain Speedies!
On Saturday we drove to Zermatt and we used the cable car to drive up to the Klein-Matterhorn at 3884m.
We hiked in very good conditions to the breithorn in 01:06′ at 4164m above sealevel.
What a nice view around. we could see about 150km’s.
We were happy to met the mountain professor. he explained us all the mountains around us.
Like monte viso, Grand Paradiso, Mount Blanc, Walkerpfeiler, Weisshorn, Jungfrau, Dent Blanche, Matterhorn, Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn.
At the mountain top there was a verry strong northwesterly wind. so i flew down with my speedflyer gin yak to the south and then i made a turn into the wind, i used all my speed range to fly down in the northern direction because of the strong wind and the nozzle effect.
nevertheless i flew near the breithorn mountain and i crossed the unterer theodulglacier. i had a hard landing in an small valley, because i wouldn’t dare to fly further down because of so many trees, cable cars and high voltage cables.
nevertheless i had a lot of fun to fly in such an amazing scenery.
thx a lot!
we were happy to get a sleeping place in the Hotel Bahnhof in Zermatt. It has an alpine flair and affordable prices.
The streets in Zermatt are filled with enough yodelling kitsch to make heidi cringe. 😉
cya bernhard

Speedflying Dom 4545m

August 13th, 2010

Hi mountain-addicted Freaks and high-altitude Speedies!
Last week Werner S. and me (Bernhard Gruber) we drove to Switzerland for doing some high mountains in the Wallis.
We hiked up on tuesday 3.8. in the afternoon from randa 1407m to the Domhütte 2940m in 03:10′.
We felt very good on this level and we had a nice view to the matterhorn and the weisshorn.
This hut is a small hut but you will find there only “real” mountaineers because the dom is a fair-minded mountain. that means you have no help by cablecars and you have a big way to get to the hut.
the dom is the highest mountain which is fully placed in switzerland.
on wednesday we stood up at 2:30 am with all the other mountaineers and had our breakfast. Bloddy Hell!
We managed to start at 03:30 and climbed over the festiglacier up to the festijoch. first we thought we will climb the festigrat but our physical and mental conditions were not ready for this ridge so we tried the normal way on the hoburg glacier. there were a lot of dangerous ice seracs. at 09:45 we came to our point of ‘”did not finished”. we had no more power for climbing the last 400m’s of height to the mountain top. we got out of breath because we had no good acclimatisation. i suffered from headaches. so we went down to the domhut. the next day was a rainy day, so we stay at the dom hut for relaxing and swaping mountain stories with other mountaineers like “gollner richie” from kleinreifling.
on this day we only did a acclimatisation tour near the hobergwächte.
we felt really better and better.
on friday 6th august we started at 03:15 our second trial and managed the dom in 05:45’. what a different feeling compared to the first trial. we could see all the 4000m mountains in wallis. the valley was covered in fog.
at the mountain top i put out my speedflyer gin yak out of my heavy bagback and flew down from the dom to randa. that’s 3070m of height altitude difference.
the starting was not the best because the left side got not opened fast. so i fell down a little bit. the flight was really great beside my heavy backback i had a lot of thermal upwinds over the hobergwächte and the the valley. so i had to do a lot of spirals to got down. i was at 10:00 am in randa. i drove to zermatt for coffee and some cookies. werner has to walk down by foot. he needed 5 hours ;))
thx for this wonderful amazing flight.
i will put the video from the flight asap.
Btw: we found a nice accommodation for mountaineers in randa, the Restaurant and Camping Hole in one. I can recommend every one to stay there for some nights!!
cya bernhard

Speedflying Traunstein

August 2nd, 2010

Hi Speedies!
This day Patrik and me we went to Gmunden for hiking up the Traunstein on the Naturfreunde Steig.
The climbing was very nice.
We went to the mountain top and had a very nice view. amazing.
there some interesting launching places for northerly wind 😉
then we went back about 100metres down from the naturfreunde hut and had a nice start.
we flew the west wall very close and had a lot of fun.
the video i will show a little bit later.
thx for this really short but great flight over the traunsee.
cya on the mountains!!