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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

110m Slackline at Camp Sibley

August 30th, 2009

Hi Folks!
This Sunday was a nice sports day.
first i did at 6am a 2 hours earlymorning kitesurfsession in traunkirchen.
you can imagine the wonderful atmosphere dark lake and only some surfers outside, the nice traunstein in red coloured contures. 1 hour later the first sun rays – wowww!!! great beginning of the day.
in the afternoon we built a 110m slackline at the camp sibley. that was not so easy, but we managed to fix the line.
huber andreas (steyr) managed the whole 110m slackline. he counted the steps: it was 220 steps – Congratulation!!
brenninger daniel (steyr) managed nearly the line, he missed only the last 3 metres. and i (bernhard gruber) had to go 15 metres more… forster christoph has to train a bit more, then he also is able to manage the longline.
you can see the fixing height on a picture, where a car is driving unter the line.
what a balance feeling!
have a nice week!

Canyoning Haselgraben und Haselhöhle

August 28th, 2009

Hi Outdoorfreaks!
This day, Martin Fickert and me (Bernhard Gruber) we drove with the Mtb to the haselbach in the nationalpark kalkalpen. then we went with our neoprensuits the cold haselbach uphill.
first we try to avoid the water but after a while we get merged with the water 😉
so we arrived the goldloch and we had a mystic misty atomosphere. then we moved further uphill. the sun arrived the bottom of the canyon at about half past 10. what a warm feeling! then we went downwards the haselgraben and did some jumps. then there was sun at the goldloch! thats a big difference to the foto in the morning…
then we climbed up the gold and arrived the goldloch-cave. thats the goldloch spring. we moved a little bit inside and take some pictures. you have only place over the water for your head to breathe! wonderful! it is about 100m’s depth the cave! great!
when we left the goldloch we had a rockfall, probably a chamois has triggered the rockfall. so wear a helmet in this easy canyon too, otherwise you are silly.
then we finished the canyoning tour and we drove uphill the jörglgraben to the “wood avalanche” – many crossed trees lay here. amazing! then some darks clouds came over the sky with little rain. so we had to go back to reichraming and further to losenstein.
what a great day!

Caving in the Nationalpark Kalkalpen

August 25th, 2009

Hi caveseekers!
This day Martin Fickert (from steyr) and me (Bernhard Gruber) we drove to windischgarsten and we visited the cave eiskapelle. there was no ice inside the cave left but nevertheless it was worth to have a look in it.
then we walked to the other side of the mountain and had a look to a big horizontal gap in the wall we could see from the parking lot. its called the reif cave. there we climbed about 30m’s inside and did some pictures.
then we walked down, and i was happy to find another cave entrance. i abseiled down about 15m’s then little bit climbing. there it was really narrow and here we saw a bat. then i abseiled down about 30m’s and i had to stop because of no more rope… i built there a carin for marking my exploration point. after consultation with the sierninger höhlenverein i get t know that this cave is the kohlenrutsche cave.
so we didn’t found any new cave. but it was worth it – for sure.
after the caving we drove to the wurbauer kogel and did the summer alpine coaster. i like the children stuff 😉
it was a nice exploration day. thats life!
keep it going!

Flying Fox in Windischgarsten – Magic Sun

August 24th, 2009

Hi Adrenalinjunkies!
This day a group from steyr and me (bernhard gruber), we drove to rosenau near windischgarsten and we visited the flying fox arena at the höllgraben. our tourguide was gerald kammerhuber from the company outdoorfriends. the tour is called the magic sun.
so we rent only the tandem speed pulley the hip belt and a helmet – i did this tour barefoot. so special freaks won’t need any special shoes 😉
we had a small way to the start of the action. we had to walk on a fixed rope route to the different flying foxes. that is a cable way where you are fixed with the harness and a pulley to the steel cable.
the longest flying fox was 180m’s long – yippie yippe yeah!
then you cross the canyon with a nice speed. really great feeling and nice views.
you will get good adrenalin for sure!

Kitesurfen Neusiedlersee

August 24th, 2009

Yesterday Peter from Asten and me, we drove to podersdorf for kitesurfing. we had 6-7bft nothwesterly wind and 26 °C temperature.
the water was very warm – really great for surfing.
nevertheless the numbers of kiters has increased dramatically – wow . every midlifecrised man is doing kitesurfing – crazy!!
6hrs of kitesurfing in podersdorf – yeahhh.
Hang loose!

Tauchen untere Traunfälle Steyrermühl

August 21st, 2009

Hello – blub blub blub!!
This day i went diving with my sister maria and with karin from laussa to the “untere traunfälle” in steyrermühl.
we were lucky to have a open fence for climbing to the water because our army was testing a scooter and taking some pictures.
they had a dräger 6 rebreather system and a weapon and a underwater scooter (10km/h max speed and 4 hrs accu time)
they were black rouged in their face and all of their equipment black -really strange and dangerous looking.
nevertheless we had a really nice diving for 50mins , 6.5metres depth and a visibility of about 8m. we saw many big fishes and an big american sign cancer. we dived through many canyons and nice holes – wonderful!! what a fun dive. after the dive we went fish on a stick eating. here in steyrermühl you can get one of the best fish on a stick.
s. now i am really tired – you can imagine our increased nitrogen amount.
nitrogen narcosis is so good for relaxing ;))

Klettersteig Skywalk Dachstein

August 19th, 2009

This day, me (Bernhard Gruber) Phillipp Hochwallner and Franz B. we drove to Ramsau. at the bottom of the hunerkogelbahn franz noticed that he forgot his climbing shoes at his car. what a ****.
so we drove down to ski willy and he bought some new boots. we drove to the mountain station with the cable lift and went down some metres of the hunerkogelscharte, then we climbed the Skywalk Klettersteig. The difficulty grade is E and it has 140 metres of height…
it is a really fascinating klettersteig. woww.
then we crossed the glacier and climbed up the east ridge to the dachstein top. wonderful view. thx for the nice day….

Mtb in the Nationalpark Kalkalpen

August 19th, 2009

Hi Mtb Freaks!
From sunday to tuesday i (bernhard gruber) david scheutz, and jürgen, we drove with out mountain bikes the future “kalpenalpenrunde” that we created with others in the nationalpark kalkalpen
our job was to drive the mtb tour for the nationalpark kalkalpen assimilable to the dachsteinrunde with the gps for tracking.
we started at 8 o’clock from steyr, damberg, schwarzberg, sonnberg, losenstein, wendbach, breitenau, anasberg, hoher trailing, molln, ebenforstalm. there we slept at the alp from the dairymaid anneliese.
martin fickert and his girlfriend maria also slept there, so we had a nice music evening with playing the accordeon and the devils violin and singing gstanzl and “paschen”. what a nice evening.
on monday we had first a great downhill in the wilder graben, then weisswasser, hirschkogel, brennhöhe, reichraming, weyer, gasselgraben, wittberg, lindaumäuer, maria neustift, glasenberg, spadenberg, plattenberg, duftkreuz, schwarzberg, damberg steyr.
on tuesday i drove with uwe wöhrer from losenstein, wendbach breitenau, anasberg, hoher trailing, molln, ebenforstalm, brunnbach, kogler alm, losenstein.
altogether four days of really beautiful mountain biking in the national park kalkalpen.
the future tour will get presented in the summer 2010.
thats really one of the best place to do good mountainbiking, great! the nature, the alps, the good “must” and the nice gstanzl singing at the ebenforst alm!!

Protected: Mountainbiking at the Reichraminger Hintergebirge

August 19th, 2009

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Wakeboarden Traunsee

August 8th, 2009

Hi sport addicts!
This day we ( Phillipp Hochwallner, Bernhard Gruber, Hannes Hüttner and Claudia and Kathi) did a three hours wakeboarding session with a 330hp boat at the traunsee in ebensee.
that was awesome! really!
we tried our first jumps with grabs, some rotations, wave to wave jumps and a backflip, which didn’t work for me 😉
hannes was not really lucky, because he destroyed his board and broke up it into two pieces. what a fuck…
i think tomorrow i need a relaxing day because of the muscle ache 😉