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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Flying Fox in Windischgarsten – Magic Sun

Hi Adrenalinjunkies!
This day a group from steyr and me (bernhard gruber), we drove to rosenau near windischgarsten and we visited the flying fox arena at the höllgraben. our tourguide was gerald kammerhuber from the company outdoorfriends. the tour is called the magic sun.
so we rent only the tandem speed pulley the hip belt and a helmet – i did this tour barefoot. so special freaks won’t need any special shoes 😉
we had a small way to the start of the action. we had to walk on a fixed rope route to the different flying foxes. that is a cable way where you are fixed with the harness and a pulley to the steel cable.
the longest flying fox was 180m’s long – yippie yippe yeah!
then you cross the canyon with a nice speed. really great feeling and nice views.
you will get good adrenalin for sure!

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