Leben Was Geht

Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

You live and learn…

January 16th, 2012

Hi extreme flight casualties!
This Day i resumed work after 14 weeks of rehabilitation of my accident with my parachute at the burgspitz on the first of december 2011.
I hiked up with 3 friends to the burgspitz(1429m asl) near weyer.
it was a great day for parachuting.
after my friends started with their parachute i decided to go to the summit and started there my hybrid parachute (17m²).
there were no clouds but i could see the wind was blowing uphill. so felt good to start my glider at the steep channel.
the glider shot very fast to the front and something to the left side. i decided not to stop the launch process and ran below the glider.
i started to fly but then i got hit by a rotor (lee) and i sank, then i had to turn right very fast otherwise i hit the trees. so i did a pendulum into the steep channel where i hit by the left. aaaaaaaaaa.
i realised that there was something with my foot so i packed my glider into my backpack and hiked up about 20m’s to the summit because i had no mobile access.
at the summit i was able to reach the mountain rescue which sent me the christophorus 15. the christophorus team did a nice service and so i had a nice flight to the hospital.
after the ct and xray i heard the diagnostics that i had a talus fracture of my left foot with torn ligament. the doctor told me it was a serious injury and it was not sure to get the full function after recovery again. it was a shock for life.
10 days later dr. charly w. did a great job and reconstructed my ancle with 2 screws and one drill wire to fix the talus with the heel bone. after 8 weeks of immobilization of my left foot they team of the accident team removed the drill wire with a second operation.
at 4th. oder december i drove to althofen for 3 weeks for rehabilitation to learn again walking after 10 weeks walking on crutches.
i was happy to got a nice room mate. he was arno from vienna. he’s motorbiking on his mind. so we got along wonderfully and had a lot of fun while eating and sining carinthian folk songs with our ladies from carinthia ida and angela. the time was great because of hard training and great progress.
at christmas eve we celebrated a nice party with a good gala dinner. yummy. at new year’s eve marlene and me we did a bivouac beside the breitofener hütte at 1520m above sea level in a wonderful winter landscape. thank you for this unforgetable time.
thanks to everyone at reha althofen. i felt being in very good hands.
i also have to say thank you to rainer my physical therapist who did a wonderful job with looking after me.
Health isn’t everything, but everything is nothing without health.
Take care! See you in the air….