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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Speedriding Bischling (17000m altitude in one day)

December 14th, 2012

Hi extreme altitude addicted people!
last sunday the summitsurfer team including patrik, tom, martin, christian, roman and carsten drove to werfenweng for speedriding the bischling!
we had a really great day and we did 19 wonderful runs with about 17000m altitude difference!!
for me the skistart and landing was so easy and the lines and ski mountaineering people perfekt!! what a sport and what a nice playground there!
thanks for this amazing funny day in the fascinating mountainside.

cya on the snowy icy mountain

Speedflying Grosser Pyhrgas (2244)

November 25th, 2012

Hi extreme november speed flying freaks!
this day summitsurfer patrick, alex and me we drove to spital/pyhrn and hike up to the grosser pyhrgas (2244m)
we needed a little bit more time than normal, so we had the chance to enjoy the last sunrays before the first snowfall 😉
patrick and me started our speedglider swing spitfire 11 at 0 wind conditions which was not so easy as the normal conditons we are flying..
but the when we were in the air we felt so great and the 30m of fast running was forgotten.
we had a great flight in the hasenbergrinne.
thanks for this great walk and fly tour!
have a nice week

Speedflying Grosser Priel (2515m)

October 20th, 2012

Hi extreme golden autumn lovers!
yesterday marlene, franz and me drove to hinterstoder and hiked up to the prielschutzhaus.
we had a nice dinner and we slept really good.
this day we had 18°C outside temperature in the morning.
it was so warm….
we hiked up on the normal route to the grosser priel.
at 11:30 we reached the summit and enjoyed a great view even to the grosser venediger! it was amazing!
then we hiked downwards to the brotfallscharte.
i hiked up to my launching place and flew with my speedglider swing spitfire 11 down to the polsterstüberl!
thanks for this great flight and great time.
cya on the hot mountains.

Speedflying Grimming (2351m)

September 24th, 2012

Hi extreme ski jumpers!
Last day summitsurfer tom, stepan and me drove to niederstuttern for hiking up the grimming and speedflying down to kulm.
First we hiked up to the multereck where tom was able to start in south easterly direction to the parking lot.
stepan and i decided to go to the summit of the grimming and start to the west because of much westerly wind.
at the top we enjoyed the amazing surrounding.
at 3pm after long searching where the best starting place could be we launched our speedglider and flew down to kulm.
i was able to flew over the skiflying hill kulm.
the persons at the landing place thought, i was going on a mushroom foray 😉
thanks for this nice day in the aussee area..

Holiday in Switzerland

August 14th, 2012

Hi extreme chillers!
last week marlene and i drove to switzerland for vacation!
first day we did a hiking tour to the jakobshorn (2950m).
then we drove to grindelwald near the eiger, mönch and jungfrau.
what a wonderful region!
we drove with the cable car to the top of the first and hiked up 2 hours. there we started the schwarzhorn via ferrata. it is very nice for getting started into the via ferrata climbing.
unfortunately at the top of the schwarzhorn(2928m) our mountain was covered. but after the lunch we hiked down to the first cable car station. mike an english 75 years old guy introduced us the grindelwald flying region. marlene and i did a tandem parachute flight in front of the eiger. what a great amazing flight we had. 😉
on wednesday we took the famous jungfraubahn to alpiglen and hiked up to the northwall of the eiger. there we could see many wingsuitflyers flying down from the mushroom on eiger.
i took many pictures from the northwall of the eiger. so if someone wanted to climb this famous mountain just give me an email. i will send you the detailed pictures.
in the evening we drove to lauterbrunnen to the schützenbach camping whích was very quit.
the crazy thing there is the valley has 72 waterfalls and it is famous for their bigwalls for basejumping and speedflying.
on thursday we took the cablecar to mürren and we climbed the via ferrata mürren
There were 3 very nice outstanding views on this tour and we had to pass the via ferrata exit.
after coffee time we flew with the tandem parachute back to the valley.
near the cable car we met speedflyer alastair(can) and eva (d) and kevin and peter (ch). on the next day i, marlene, alainstair and eva drove to mülenen. we went by cable car up to the niesen(2362m). alainstair and i had a great flight downwards after a traverse and some seconds through the clouds with our speedgliders.
then we drove to the interlaken for beaching at the thuner see.
at the evening we visited a slideshow from the mustagh ata expedtion last year from bruno petroni. i met there also wilhelm and xaver. btw: thanks for the great reunion 😉
on saturday we drove to luzern. here we hiked up with the wannabe swiss guy daniel to the pilatus. there you could see six lakes near luzern. what a wonderful place. i was lucky to start my spitfire on the esel (2119m) and flew down to the vierwaldstätter see.
thanks to dani for his warm welcome in his appartment.
on sunday we some tourist walks in the nice city luzern.
thanks for this great holiday in switzerland!
griazi miteinand!
thanks for this speedy flight.

Speedflying Pribitz and Messnerin at Grüner See

August 3rd, 2012

Hi extreme fullmoomspeedflyerwashers.
Last two days summit surfers patrick, bernhard, tina and marlene drove to tragöss for hiking and speedflying the pribitz and messnerin.
we did one flight (in)to the grüner see and after drying our glider we hiked a second time to the summit of the pribitz.
we did a bbq at the pribitz(1579m) with the best sausages – the käsekrainer. 😉
the fullmoon was shining at our basecamp.
so we had wonderful views to the grüner see.
on the next morning the fullmon got down in the western side and the sun rises up at eastern side.
so we very so lucky to get the first sun rays. yihaaa.
sleeping in such a beautiful area without a house or tent is a great thing.
just give it a try.
patrick and me did a good morning flight into the grüner see which was excellent for getting a beautiful holiday started.
then we hiked up to the messnerin (1835m) where we looked for some great speedflying rides. but the wind was southerly so we flew down to the parking lot to the southern direction. we did some great relative flights. thanks for this great feeling.
This area i can recommend for a trip!
have much fun and enjoy your holidays.

Speedflying Pribitz (Grüner See)

July 8th, 2012

hi extreme wannabe swoopers – you know what i mean 😉
this day aichi marlene and i drove to tragöss in styria for hiking to the pribitz (1579m)
we have done many scuba divers there but we never took the chance to hike up to the mountain and get an overview!
and it was really worth it. thanks for this great day to the great nature and people around there!
i had a lot of fun to start my speed glider swing spitfire 11. i had to do a cliff jump! i can only recommend experienced speed flyers this location! you need some balls! big ones ;))
cya in the air or water as soon as possible ;))
cya bernhard

Speedriding Bischling

April 1st, 2012

Hi extreme wannabe heros!
this day the summitsurfers team consisting of patrick, tom, stefan and me we drove to werfenweng for speedriding and speedflying the bischling!
we had a really great day and managed up to 19 flights!
for me it was only possible to start and land by skies, because starting the speedglider by feet i have to wait some months.
but i do a lot of training. now i am able to run about 12km/h.
so i need a little bit more speed.
but i felt good to fly and do our homework like d.k. says…
cya in the air and have nice easter holidays

You live and learn…

January 16th, 2012

Hi extreme flight casualties!
This Day i resumed work after 14 weeks of rehabilitation of my accident with my parachute at the burgspitz on the first of december 2011.
I hiked up with 3 friends to the burgspitz(1429m asl) near weyer.
it was a great day for parachuting.
after my friends started with their parachute i decided to go to the summit and started there my hybrid parachute (17m²).
there were no clouds but i could see the wind was blowing uphill. so felt good to start my glider at the steep channel.
the glider shot very fast to the front and something to the left side. i decided not to stop the launch process and ran below the glider.
i started to fly but then i got hit by a rotor (lee) and i sank, then i had to turn right very fast otherwise i hit the trees. so i did a pendulum into the steep channel where i hit by the left. aaaaaaaaaa.
i realised that there was something with my foot so i packed my glider into my backpack and hiked up about 20m’s to the summit because i had no mobile access.
at the summit i was able to reach the mountain rescue which sent me the christophorus 15. the christophorus team did a nice service and so i had a nice flight to the hospital.
after the ct and xray i heard the diagnostics that i had a talus fracture of my left foot with torn ligament. the doctor told me it was a serious injury and it was not sure to get the full function after recovery again. it was a shock for life.
10 days later dr. charly w. did a great job and reconstructed my ancle with 2 screws and one drill wire to fix the talus with the heel bone. after 8 weeks of immobilization of my left foot they team of the accident team removed the drill wire with a second operation.
at 4th. oder december i drove to althofen for 3 weeks for rehabilitation to learn again walking after 10 weeks walking on crutches.
i was happy to got a nice room mate. he was arno from vienna. he’s motorbiking on his mind. so we got along wonderfully and had a lot of fun while eating and sining carinthian folk songs with our ladies from carinthia ida and angela. the time was great because of hard training and great progress.
at christmas eve we celebrated a nice party with a good gala dinner. yummy. at new year’s eve marlene and me we did a bivouac beside the breitofener hütte at 1520m above sea level in a wonderful winter landscape. thank you for this unforgetable time.
thanks to everyone at reha althofen. i felt being in very good hands.
i also have to say thank you to rainer my physical therapist who did a wonderful job with looking after me.
Health isn’t everything, but everything is nothing without health.
Take care! See you in the air….

Climb and Speed Flying in Eisenerz

September 11th, 2011

Hi extreme saturday climbers!
last day summit surfer klemens and me we drove to eisenerz with the plan to climb all fixed iron rope routes and fly with our speedglider from the summits.
in the morning at 6am we started at the gemeinde alp and hiked up to the start of the kaiserschild klettersteig. at 8:50 we reached the kaiserschild (2084m). the flight was really great beside the great wall and without wind. yihaaaa.
then we drove to the pfaffenstein parking lot where we started at 10:13 and climbed the eisenerzer klettersteig to the pfaffenstein (1865m) what we reached at 12:25. the start from the pfaffenstein was easy because klemens managed this start with his first trial 😉
at the landing we had to take care from the high voltage cable in the air but not problem for us.
then we drove to the leopoldsteiner see where we did a rest with some radler and some swimming.
at 3pm we started to the kaiser franz joseph klettersteig and had a nice hot climbing in the seemauer wall to the hochblasser (1771m).
at 17:20 we ended the climbing tour and hiked to the launching place. what a nice place there. muhaaa
the flight from the seemauer was really fine, but little bit short.
have a look to the video to get some impressions.

cya at the mountains