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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Ski Mountaineering Grosser Priel and Speed Riding Brotfall

February 28th, 2011

Hi extreme motivated weekenders!
after the grosser pyhrgas session on friday i hiked on the same day at 6:45pm in the night from hinterstoder to the prielschutzhaus in 2 hrs.
i slept alone in the winterroom of the prielschutzhaus
at 6:20am i started on saturday with the skies to the grosser priel. the sunrise was really great!!
this day i took the crampons with me so it was really easy to climb up the brotfallscharte ;).
after 2:50 hrs i stood at the grosser priel summit. what a great feeling!! at the ridge there was a lot of strong southerly wind. so i had to be careful because of the strong wind which could blow me away…
then i looked for the starting place for my speedglider.
at the grosser priel side pre summit there was too much wind from the side, so i went to the brotfall where i could start more or less easy….
the wind was really gusty but it was no problem to flew over the prielschutzhaus into the valley where i landed at my “big” landing zone at the creek.
thx for this grandiose tour on my favourite mountain.
cya in the mountains

Speed Flying Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

February 26th, 2011

Hi extreme Afterwork mountaineers!
yesterday summit surfer patrick and me and christian we drove to spital and hiked up in 2:50hrs to the grosser pyhrgas without skies.
we had strong northerly wind and a great view around the summit.
patrick and me we flew the swing spitfire 11m² and christian flew the independence draco 16m².
thx for this great afternoon session on the best flight mountain in austria 😉
cya bernhard

Speed Riding Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

February 9th, 2011

Hi mountain addicted People!
This day Summitsurfer Patrick and me we drove to Spital / Pyhrn for speed riding the Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m).
We needed 2:55 for stomping up to the summit. i went with the mounted skies on the back pack and patrick decided to go without skies. why not…
on the top there was north westerly at about 15km/hrs and we had an amazing view.

thanks for my chief at my company Beko Engineering & Informatik AG who sponsered me the new speed glider.
now i feel really associated and “connected” to my glider and company.

We flew down the Hasenbergrinne and had a lot of fun there.
Thanks for this great afternoon on the mountains.
cya on the mountains or in the office