Leben Was Geht

Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Kitesurfing Hamuliakovo

February 28th, 2010

Hi Dudes!
This day the whole surfaddicted crew (5 people) from upperaustria drove to hamuliakovo near bratislava in slovakia for surfing the southstorm. our first water session this year – Rock’n’roll!
In the first hour it was a superb north vegas 7m² session. then we used the 10m². at 2pm the wind got lower so we had to finish our first session in 2010.
i think this year we will drive more time to hamuliakovo because that’s real good surfing on a very good spot with chilling easy kitepeople in oppossite to podo or bb.
thx for this great surfday!
Hang Loose!

Snowboardtour Rinnerstein

February 27th, 2010

Hi powder addicted Boarders!
This day i went alone with the snowboard from the köblwirt in johnsbach to the rinnerstein. thats in front of the festkogel. the proper goal was the festkogel but at the top of the channel beside the rinnerstein the avalanche danger increased because of the steep mountain (40°) and the fresh snow fall from yesterday.
so i stopped here and enjoyed 30cm new powder – what an amazing feeling. boarding at this conditions is like flying….
there was no track to see so i had to build my own tack – thats hard work.
i only met patrik, all the others “freaks” went to the classical tour leobner i’ve heard 😉 Each to his own…
i went a second time from the bottom of the rinnerstein up to the top. but at the second time it got a lot more dangerous because of the increasing temperature. so without break i started the second powder rush. powdering down in such a nice calm mountain ambience was so great!!
the last metres of altitude down i got really wet and heavy snow condition.
It was a doozie!!
cya on the mountains again for sure 😉

Snowkiting Bad Leonfelden

February 21st, 2010

Hi “Rebels” 😉
This day i drove with felix, andi and manuel(windgeschwindigkite) to the beautiful mühlviertel to bad leonfelden for snowkiting.
last saturday we had also an amazing northwesterly windy snowkite day here.
this sunday was good southwesterly wind forecasted.
that means normally very good conditions for the lake lipno, but we said lets stay in austria. austria is the place to be!
a “famous” snowkiter called “das o.” was here too, in spite of he negated yesterday to come here for snowkiting this day 😉
we had a lot of fun plowing the wide area with our snowkites from north.
everyone of us had a different rebel kite from north kiteboarding.
look at the pictures and enjoy the fine day.
thx for the Rock’n’Roll day in the beautiful bad leonfelden.
cya on the windy mountains next weekend

Iceclimbing Unterlaussa

February 14th, 2010

Hi action addicted Freaks!
At sunday midday we met Harry N. at the Laussabaueralm and we went after the snowboardtour iceclimbing in unterlaussa. first we had to cross the creek with an fixed rope. aaaaa
nobody fell into the cold water 😉
then we had a really nice bloddy cold ice for iceclimbing.
we climbed the first length of the “dicke berta” many times.
we tried also some mixedclimbings. but thats not so easy to climb on the rocks with the iceclimbing gear…
what a nice action day. first a snowboardtour in the morning then iceclimbing. the monday must come to relax in the company ;))
cya in the mountains

Snowboardtour Grabnertörl

February 14th, 2010

Hi powder addicted People!
This day i went with patrik to the grabnertörl (thats the northern side of the hexenturm or natternriegl region on the hengstpass.)
Our aim was to reach the hexenturm, but we had no real plan in the forest for going to the rosskar in the fog.
so we drove downwards and went straight uphill to the grabnertörl!
We stopped at an steep channel.
We were lucky to get a wonderful view over the foggy landscape! amazing!
then we had such a nice powder session downwards with nice drops and some really deep and steep power lines – muhaaa
What a nice forenoon!

Snowboardtour Kühkar

February 7th, 2010

Hi Powder Freaks!
This day Patrik and me we went to Hinterstoder to climb up with our skies and snowshoes towards the grosser priel.
we had 3 on the avalanche scale in upper austria.
there was no prepared track so we had to build our own track in up to 80cm’s depth fresh snow powder. that was hard work – really.
after the forest we came to the “latschen” zone where we saw some big young avalanche marks.
so we hiked uphill torugh the latschen. sometimes there occured a crack on the snow over us. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
but there was only a slope angle of maximum 30°. that was an odd thing.
the northern wind was getting stronger and stronger. really hard conditions. so we decided at the beginning of the kühkar to cancel the tour because of the dangerous conditions and the strong fog in the upper section.
we needed 4 and a half hours for about 1400 metres of altitude of height. shit.
in one steep chute i suddenly had a half metre height crack 2m’s down from me. the wind filled up this chute and so it was very instable….i was lucky to stop and hiked up backwards and drove on the side downwards. then we had some really nice powder conditions. we flew down the snow – amazing. snow everywhere….
there were some nice drops to jump.
patrik jumped with his head into the snow 😉
have a luck to the pictures. crazy!!
the last metres we had to walk down because of the warm wet snow.
nevertheless this was a real big action day again in the wild wild nature.
cya on the deep and steep mountains.