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Snowboardtour Rinnerstein

February 27th, 2010

Hi powder addicted Boarders!
This day i went alone with the snowboard from the köblwirt in johnsbach to the rinnerstein. thats in front of the festkogel. the proper goal was the festkogel but at the top of the channel beside the rinnerstein the avalanche danger increased because of the steep mountain (40°) and the fresh snow fall from yesterday.
so i stopped here and enjoyed 30cm new powder – what an amazing feeling. boarding at this conditions is like flying….
there was no track to see so i had to build my own tack – thats hard work.
i only met patrik, all the others “freaks” went to the classical tour leobner i’ve heard 😉 Each to his own…
i went a second time from the bottom of the rinnerstein up to the top. but at the second time it got a lot more dangerous because of the increasing temperature. so without break i started the second powder rush. powdering down in such a nice calm mountain ambience was so great!!
the last metres of altitude down i got really wet and heavy snow condition.
It was a doozie!!
cya on the mountains again for sure 😉