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Snowkiting Bad Leonfelden

February 21st, 2010

Hi “Rebels” 😉
This day i drove with felix, andi and manuel(windgeschwindigkite) to the beautiful mühlviertel to bad leonfelden for snowkiting.
last saturday we had also an amazing northwesterly windy snowkite day here.
this sunday was good southwesterly wind forecasted.
that means normally very good conditions for the lake lipno, but we said lets stay in austria. austria is the place to be!
a “famous” snowkiter called “das o.” was here too, in spite of he negated yesterday to come here for snowkiting this day 😉
we had a lot of fun plowing the wide area with our snowkites from north.
everyone of us had a different rebel kite from north kiteboarding.
look at the pictures and enjoy the fine day.
thx for the Rock’n’Roll day in the beautiful bad leonfelden.
cya on the windy mountains next weekend