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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Snowboardtour Grosser Priel

March 21st, 2010

Hi freaky Mountaineers!
Yesterday, Patrik and me we started at 11am with our big equipment from hinterstoder to the grosser priel with our snowboard an ski.
it was a very sunny hot day – spring is coming!!
we heard many times some low frequency noises from the avalanches around us.
the sky was so beautiful and was changed every minute.
at the brotfallscharte we had to climb on the rocks to the top of the brotfallscharte. there we built with stones an snow a bivouac place to get a good protection from the strong wind.
the sunset was amazing. alone in such a beautiful area – thats the way it is!
we cooked some goulash with our camping stove. the mountain dinner was delicious – thx patrik!
then we holed up into our sleeping bag. it was really warm inside the bivouac sack. the starry sky in the mountains is every time a great experience because here is no light pollution, you know.
i saw two meteoroids. amazing atmosphere.
then i slept until the sunrise at 5:50 more or less because of the strong storm up to 70km/h.
i needed half an hour to get up. we decided to climb up to the mountain top of the grosse priel. when we reached to top, the sun was shining. the big summit cross was completly renewed last year. after a while we climbed back over the ridge to our bivouac and had a good cereal breakfast. the sun warmed up our way down. the first 50m we climbed down but then we drove down deep and steep lines into the virgin snow. what a feeling!!
the last 300m’s was not easy to drive in the narrow pathes, but we managed it good.
at 11am we reached pretty well down our car in hinterstoder.
thanks for the nice mountain experience.
austria is so great
cya on the mountains

Snowboardtour Grosser Brieglersberg

March 7th, 2010

Hi powderseekers!
This day i went to hinterstoder and climbed up with my snowboard to the grosser brieglersberg. thats 1420metres of altitude to go… unfortunately at the top it was very cloudy. i nearly fell into a doline. here is a huge kast area with a lot of caves and dolines…
then i had a really great powder session down to the beginning of the channel. i met the group of the av losenstein.
i went a second time up to the beginning of the deep and steep channel.
muha the weather was getting fine. the second time was a fine powder session too. i nearly had to breathe the snow, because my face was full of powder. amazing. There are worse things 😉
the winter is hitting its peak!
what a dream day!
cya on the deep and steep powder mountains

Snowboardtour Rinnerstein

February 27th, 2010

Hi powder addicted Boarders!
This day i went alone with the snowboard from the köblwirt in johnsbach to the rinnerstein. thats in front of the festkogel. the proper goal was the festkogel but at the top of the channel beside the rinnerstein the avalanche danger increased because of the steep mountain (40°) and the fresh snow fall from yesterday.
so i stopped here and enjoyed 30cm new powder – what an amazing feeling. boarding at this conditions is like flying….
there was no track to see so i had to build my own tack – thats hard work.
i only met patrik, all the others “freaks” went to the classical tour leobner i’ve heard 😉 Each to his own…
i went a second time from the bottom of the rinnerstein up to the top. but at the second time it got a lot more dangerous because of the increasing temperature. so without break i started the second powder rush. powdering down in such a nice calm mountain ambience was so great!!
the last metres of altitude down i got really wet and heavy snow condition.
It was a doozie!!
cya on the mountains again for sure 😉

Snowboardtour Grabnertörl

February 14th, 2010

Hi powder addicted People!
This day i went with patrik to the grabnertörl (thats the northern side of the hexenturm or natternriegl region on the hengstpass.)
Our aim was to reach the hexenturm, but we had no real plan in the forest for going to the rosskar in the fog.
so we drove downwards and went straight uphill to the grabnertörl!
We stopped at an steep channel.
We were lucky to get a wonderful view over the foggy landscape! amazing!
then we had such a nice powder session downwards with nice drops and some really deep and steep power lines – muhaaa
What a nice forenoon!

Snowboardtour Kühkar

February 7th, 2010

Hi Powder Freaks!
This day Patrik and me we went to Hinterstoder to climb up with our skies and snowshoes towards the grosser priel.
we had 3 on the avalanche scale in upper austria.
there was no prepared track so we had to build our own track in up to 80cm’s depth fresh snow powder. that was hard work – really.
after the forest we came to the “latschen” zone where we saw some big young avalanche marks.
so we hiked uphill torugh the latschen. sometimes there occured a crack on the snow over us. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
but there was only a slope angle of maximum 30°. that was an odd thing.
the northern wind was getting stronger and stronger. really hard conditions. so we decided at the beginning of the kühkar to cancel the tour because of the dangerous conditions and the strong fog in the upper section.
we needed 4 and a half hours for about 1400 metres of altitude of height. shit.
in one steep chute i suddenly had a half metre height crack 2m’s down from me. the wind filled up this chute and so it was very instable….i was lucky to stop and hiked up backwards and drove on the side downwards. then we had some really nice powder conditions. we flew down the snow – amazing. snow everywhere….
there were some nice drops to jump.
patrik jumped with his head into the snow 😉
have a luck to the pictures. crazy!!
the last metres we had to walk down because of the warm wet snow.
nevertheless this was a real big action day again in the wild wild nature.
cya on the deep and steep mountains.

Snowboardtour Hoess 5060metres of altitude

January 23rd, 2010

Hi sportaddicted Freaks!
This day i went with my snowshoes and my snowboard four times from hinterstoder to the top of the hössexpress. i started at 4:45am and ended at 4:00pm.
so the whole tour was 5060 metres of altitude. Nice amount – isn’t it?
So when anyone can do this, i pay a beer 😉
Cya Bernhard
Here you can find the pictures each time i reached the top.

Snowboardtour to Schafkögel and Lahnerkogel

January 4th, 2010

Hi Deep&Steep Lovers!
This day was a really great day!
Why should we drive far away, when every beautiness is near by us?
In the morning i hiked up with my snowshoes to the Schafkögel near Höss. What a nice bloody cold (-17°C) sunrise. Thats worth the trouble (early morning wake up).
Then i drove with my snowboard down and with the car further to Spital am Phyrn to the Phyrnpass, where Messner Florian a.k.a Chongo and Slater Daniel joined me to their first Snowshoetesttour. I decided to go an “easy” warm up tour for them to the Lahnerkogel.
What a funny tour, you can imagine walking the first steps in an up to now unknown area….
But they managed it very well, with some beginners faults, like walking to fast and some nice slides…
But we reached the mountain top after three hours of walking.
Here we had such a nice view around the Lahnerkogel. Amazing!
That’s Life – isn’t it!
I drove down a steep powder channel and the others had to walk down, where i enjoyed the last sunrays….
Thx for this great day.
Cya in or on the Powder.

Snowboardtour to the Höss

December 19th, 2009

Hi Snowaddicts!
after long time of no post here because of influenza i write a new post.
this day i started very early from hinterstoder with my snowshoes to the top of the höss cable car at 1850m altitude level.
At the top there was -15°C temperature. brrrr.
i drove down with my snowboard, and because the snow was so great, i went a second time up to the top. so this day i did 2530 meters of height with my snowshoes and my snowboard.
i feel very good after this tour. unfortunately there is too less snow for doing a skitour apart the groomed slope.
Cya on the White mountains