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Snowboardtour to Schafkögel and Lahnerkogel

Hi Deep&Steep Lovers!
This day was a really great day!
Why should we drive far away, when every beautiness is near by us?
In the morning i hiked up with my snowshoes to the Schafkögel near Höss. What a nice bloody cold (-17°C) sunrise. Thats worth the trouble (early morning wake up).
Then i drove with my snowboard down and with the car further to Spital am Phyrn to the Phyrnpass, where Messner Florian a.k.a Chongo and Slater Daniel joined me to their first Snowshoetesttour. I decided to go an “easy” warm up tour for them to the Lahnerkogel.
What a funny tour, you can imagine walking the first steps in an up to now unknown area….
But they managed it very well, with some beginners faults, like walking to fast and some nice slides…
But we reached the mountain top after three hours of walking.
Here we had such a nice view around the Lahnerkogel. Amazing!
That’s Life – isn’t it!
I drove down a steep powder channel and the others had to walk down, where i enjoyed the last sunrays….
Thx for this great day.
Cya in or on the Powder.

2 responses to “Snowboardtour to Schafkögel and Lahnerkogel”

  1. emmgeh says:

    schade, dass keine pics von dir und “deinem” powder gibt!
    selbstauslöser gibts ja nicht umsonst 🙂

    schöne tour!

  2. admin says:

    ja 20cm waren es sicher!!
    für diese magere saison auf jeden fall eine feine pulversache…
    sg bernhard

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