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Snowboardtour Grosser Priel

Hi freaky Mountaineers!
Yesterday, Patrik and me we started at 11am with our big equipment from hinterstoder to the grosser priel with our snowboard an ski.
it was a very sunny hot day – spring is coming!!
we heard many times some low frequency noises from the avalanches around us.
the sky was so beautiful and was changed every minute.
at the brotfallscharte we had to climb on the rocks to the top of the brotfallscharte. there we built with stones an snow a bivouac place to get a good protection from the strong wind.
the sunset was amazing. alone in such a beautiful area – thats the way it is!
we cooked some goulash with our camping stove. the mountain dinner was delicious – thx patrik!
then we holed up into our sleeping bag. it was really warm inside the bivouac sack. the starry sky in the mountains is every time a great experience because here is no light pollution, you know.
i saw two meteoroids. amazing atmosphere.
then i slept until the sunrise at 5:50 more or less because of the strong storm up to 70km/h.
i needed half an hour to get up. we decided to climb up to the mountain top of the grosse priel. when we reached to top, the sun was shining. the big summit cross was completly renewed last year. after a while we climbed back over the ridge to our bivouac and had a good cereal breakfast. the sun warmed up our way down. the first 50m we climbed down but then we drove down deep and steep lines into the virgin snow. what a feeling!!
the last 300m’s was not easy to drive in the narrow pathes, but we managed it good.
at 11am we reached pretty well down our car in hinterstoder.
thanks for the nice mountain experience.
austria is so great
cya on the mountains

3 responses to “Snowboardtour Grosser Priel”

  1. Hermann says:

    Hallo Bernhard,
    super story & super pics, frage wie kalt war die Nacht? 😉

    ps: Steigeisen verlängern das leben am Eis 😉

  2. admin says:

    hallo hermann!
    die nacht war für mich angenehm (mein schlafsack hat -30°C extrem temperatur)
    mein freund hat in der früh gefroren!
    der wind war schon ziehmlich stark…
    ps: steigeisen sind super wenn man sie braucht, hier hatten wir felsen – gewicht sparen ist wichtig, wenn du mit an snowboard unterwegs bist 😉

  3. admin says:

    temp. war ca -2°C
    also warm

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