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Snowboardtour Hoess 5060metres of altitude

Hi sportaddicted Freaks!
This day i went with my snowshoes and my snowboard four times from hinterstoder to the top of the hössexpress. i started at 4:45am and ended at 4:00pm.
so the whole tour was 5060 metres of altitude. Nice amount – isn’t it?
So when anyone can do this, i pay a beer 😉
Cya Bernhard
Here you can find the pictures each time i reached the top.

4 responses to “Snowboardtour Hoess 5060metres of altitude”

  1. Fetsch says:

    Hi looser ! If you had been a little bit faster you would have had the chance to rock with a kite today, too.
    Save money for my beer….

  2. admin says:

    hi fetsch – tomorrow we can rock the behamberg?
    i save some money for you for sure!! 😉
    cya bernhard

  3. Klemens says:

    You are such a kind of lovely awesome freak – RESPECT man
    I would need at least tripple the time, 10l of fluid and a big potion of Morphine against the expected pain and finally I couldn´t imagine what I would need to get the motivation to do the same track 4 times a single day… Therefore some BONUS RESPECT for your mental strenght.

  4. admin says:

    hi klemens!
    thx for your respect!
    this shit you can do only when your mind want to do this – otherwise no chance.
    but thats the interesting thing.
    blow your mind!!!! yeah!!

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