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Climb and Speed Flying in Eisenerz

Hi extreme saturday climbers!
last day summit surfer klemens and me we drove to eisenerz with the plan to climb all fixed iron rope routes and fly with our speedglider from the summits.
in the morning at 6am we started at the gemeinde alp and hiked up to the start of the kaiserschild klettersteig. at 8:50 we reached the kaiserschild (2084m). the flight was really great beside the great wall and without wind. yihaaaa.
then we drove to the pfaffenstein parking lot where we started at 10:13 and climbed the eisenerzer klettersteig to the pfaffenstein (1865m) what we reached at 12:25. the start from the pfaffenstein was easy because klemens managed this start with his first trial 😉
at the landing we had to take care from the high voltage cable in the air but not problem for us.
then we drove to the leopoldsteiner see where we did a rest with some radler and some swimming.
at 3pm we started to the kaiser franz joseph klettersteig and had a nice hot climbing in the seemauer wall to the hochblasser (1771m).
at 17:20 we ended the climbing tour and hiked to the launching place. what a nice place there. muhaaa
the flight from the seemauer was really fine, but little bit short.
have a look to the video to get some impressions.

cya at the mountains

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  1. Eva says:

    Hey! super Bilder!! hab die 3 heuer auch schon gemacht…und mir jedesmal beim Abstieg so einen Schirm gewünscht 😉 viel Spaß noch! lg Eva

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