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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Caving in the Nationalpark Kalkalpen

Hi caveseekers!
This day Martin Fickert (from steyr) and me (Bernhard Gruber) we drove to windischgarsten and we visited the cave eiskapelle. there was no ice inside the cave left but nevertheless it was worth to have a look in it.
then we walked to the other side of the mountain and had a look to a big horizontal gap in the wall we could see from the parking lot. its called the reif cave. there we climbed about 30m’s inside and did some pictures.
then we walked down, and i was happy to find another cave entrance. i abseiled down about 15m’s then little bit climbing. there it was really narrow and here we saw a bat. then i abseiled down about 30m’s and i had to stop because of no more rope… i built there a carin for marking my exploration point. after consultation with the sierninger höhlenverein i get t know that this cave is the kohlenrutsche cave.
so we didn’t found any new cave. but it was worth it – for sure.
after the caving we drove to the wurbauer kogel and did the summer alpine coaster. i like the children stuff 😉
it was a nice exploration day. thats life!
keep it going!

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