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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Canyoning Weissenbach (Radmer)

July 17th, 2011

Hi water addicted extreme sports men and women!
This day aichi, christoph, gerald , marlene and me we drove to weissenbach for doing a canyoning tour at this sunny and hot day!
first we had to walk about 1hr and 270 metres of altitude to the start of the canyoning tour.
the thin 3mm wet suit was not the best choice, because the deep canyon was bloody cold. we could find the sunrays only sometimes. brrr.
nevertheless we had a lot of fun.
thx for this great tour!
look for some more pictures at http://unterwasserfoto.at/
have a nice week

Mountaineering Grosser Pyhrgas

October 21st, 2010

Hi mountain addicted Dudes!
This Evening i drove to Spital for doing my first winter tour to the Grosser Pyhrgas.
when i arrived at the bosruck hütte the sun was coming and i had a really wonderful quit snow hike.
I didn’t manage to get to the mountain top because of doing the track.
but it was such a great amazing view and feeling to walk in such a quit winter scenery!
thx for this evening
cya bernhard

Canyoning Hochschlacht

September 15th, 2009

Hi Fun Freaks!
This Day we (Bernhard, Julia and Joachim) did a Canyoning Tour at the Hochschlacht in Reichraming. We drove with the Mtb from Reichraming to the Schleiferfall. Then we walked uphill to the top of the tour. after some break we started the canyoning tour.
it was very funny impresive and a lot to do for me (especially for me, because all the others were canyoning rookies…)
nevertheless we had enough water to get some good action like jumping or pulling down our rope….
just look at the pics…
the last schleierfall abseil part was really great and amazing. what a great feeling to do this in the great nature.
i like it.
ok cya bernhard

Canyoning Haselgraben und Haselhöhle

August 28th, 2009

Hi Outdoorfreaks!
This day, Martin Fickert and me (Bernhard Gruber) we drove with the Mtb to the haselbach in the nationalpark kalkalpen. then we went with our neoprensuits the cold haselbach uphill.
first we try to avoid the water but after a while we get merged with the water 😉
so we arrived the goldloch and we had a mystic misty atomosphere. then we moved further uphill. the sun arrived the bottom of the canyon at about half past 10. what a warm feeling! then we went downwards the haselgraben and did some jumps. then there was sun at the goldloch! thats a big difference to the foto in the morning…
then we climbed up the gold and arrived the goldloch-cave. thats the goldloch spring. we moved a little bit inside and take some pictures. you have only place over the water for your head to breathe! wonderful! it is about 100m’s depth the cave! great!
when we left the goldloch we had a rockfall, probably a chamois has triggered the rockfall. so wear a helmet in this easy canyon too, otherwise you are silly.
then we finished the canyoning tour and we drove uphill the jörglgraben to the “wood avalanche” – many crossed trees lay here. amazing! then some darks clouds came over the sky with little rain. so we had to go back to reichraming and further to losenstein.
what a great day!

Canyoning Hochschlacht

July 20th, 2009

This Day Martin Fickert and Bernhard Gruber (That’s me) we drove with our Mtb’s to the Reichraminger Hintergebirge and we did a Canyoning Tour at the Hochschlacht Bach.
The weather was cloudy but it wasn’t rainy.
There was not too much water like we tried the last times where we had to cancel the tour because of big danger.
So we had to abseil down up to 30m’s and we could jump and slide many times.
So it was really funny beside the cold water and no sunny weather.
Martin took some pics with his snapshot camera.