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Tauchen untere Traunfälle Steyrermühl

Hello – blub blub blub!!
This day i went diving with my sister maria and with karin from laussa to the “untere traunfälle” in steyrermühl.
we were lucky to have a open fence for climbing to the water because our army was testing a scooter and taking some pictures.
they had a dräger 6 rebreather system and a weapon and a underwater scooter (10km/h max speed and 4 hrs accu time)
they were black rouged in their face and all of their equipment black -really strange and dangerous looking.
nevertheless we had a really nice diving for 50mins , 6.5metres depth and a visibility of about 8m. we saw many big fishes and an big american sign cancer. we dived through many canyons and nice holes – wonderful!! what a fun dive. after the dive we went fish on a stick eating. here in steyrermühl you can get one of the best fish on a stick.
s. now i am really tired – you can imagine our increased nitrogen amount.
nitrogen narcosis is so good for relaxing ;))

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  1. Mary says:

    OOO it was a nice day with best grilled fisheyes but now i am really very tired!

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