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Mtb in the Nationalpark Kalkalpen

Hi Mtb Freaks!
From sunday to tuesday i (bernhard gruber) david scheutz, and jürgen, we drove with out mountain bikes the future “kalpenalpenrunde” that we created with others in the nationalpark kalkalpen
our job was to drive the mtb tour for the nationalpark kalkalpen assimilable to the dachsteinrunde with the gps for tracking.
we started at 8 o’clock from steyr, damberg, schwarzberg, sonnberg, losenstein, wendbach, breitenau, anasberg, hoher trailing, molln, ebenforstalm. there we slept at the alp from the dairymaid anneliese.
martin fickert and his girlfriend maria also slept there, so we had a nice music evening with playing the accordeon and the devils violin and singing gstanzl and “paschen”. what a nice evening.
on monday we had first a great downhill in the wilder graben, then weisswasser, hirschkogel, brennhöhe, reichraming, weyer, gasselgraben, wittberg, lindaumäuer, maria neustift, glasenberg, spadenberg, plattenberg, duftkreuz, schwarzberg, damberg steyr.
on tuesday i drove with uwe wöhrer from losenstein, wendbach breitenau, anasberg, hoher trailing, molln, ebenforstalm, brunnbach, kogler alm, losenstein.
altogether four days of really beautiful mountain biking in the national park kalkalpen.
the future tour will get presented in the summer 2010.
thats really one of the best place to do good mountainbiking, great! the nature, the alps, the good “must” and the nice gstanzl singing at the ebenforst alm!!

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