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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Steyrtalbahn and cycling to Steyr with Kilian and Laura

June 4th, 2012

Hi extreme race across steyr kiddys!
last sunday marlene, kilian and laura and me did a cycling tour from grünburg to steyr.
we took the old steyrtalbahn (from 1889) from steyr to grünburg.
it was a great ride with lots of action.
in grünburg we jumped onto our bikes and started to steinbach to visit my cousin manfred. he and his wife christa built a nice house. after a drink we went ahead to steyr.
first we had to cycle up a little bit but then we were happy to cycle downwards to the city steyr. in rosenegg we made a campfire. the nürnberger sausages tasted everyone very well.
after an ice kilian and me we rode along the steyr in meadow which was very great.
the girls did the short way but they arrived 100m’s behind us at our goal.
after a strawberry picking session we went tired to bed.
thanks for this funny day.
see you at the mountains

MTB Tour around Losenstein

October 25th, 2009

This day i did a nice autumn Mtb Tour in the orange coloured forest around Losenstein.
First i drove the Wurmbachgraben uphill to the Sonnberg, then to the windpark at the plattenberg in laussa, then gschaid. Then i shifted my bike uphil to the ridge to the schieferstein. that was a little bit exhausting. but then i had a nice downhill to reichraming. the next point was goashanslniedern ( in the rift it was very cold!), then back to Losenstein.
After 4:45 without eating (i fortgot my cereal bars) i felt tired because of no sugar….
Great Tour for well trained Bikers! Take your time and enjoy the beautiful countryside 😉
You can imagine, that i was very hungry after this tour!
cya bernhard

Best MTB Tour around Losenstein

October 5th, 2009

Hi Mountain Bike Fans!
This day i started at 1pm one of the best Mtb Tour I’ve ever done. really!
Trails, best views, autumn, forest trails, downhills, single trails, lost way, sun set, illegal roads,….
my track was: losenstein, wurmbach, jochberg, sonnberg, schwarzberg, dambach, schindlbodenbach, damberg, windloch, hotel eckhard, dambergwarte, schwarzberg, wolfsgrub, plattenberg, gscheid, losenstein
i managed this tour in 5.5 hours without food only water.

Mtb Tour around Losenstein

Mtb Tour 'Around Losenstein' Map

for the people who think i drive illegal pathes, i shift my bike if it is illegal 😉

Mtb Nationalpark Kalkalpen

September 27th, 2009

Hi outdoor junkies!
Last day i drove with my mtb the external frontier from the nationalpark kalkalpen in 5.5 hrs.
i started, losenstein, ternberg, trattenbach, mösern, bodinggraben, jagdhäusl, steyrsteg, haselsgatter, hengstpass, unterlaussa, mooshöhe, gr. klause, reichraming, losenstein.
nice tour in this amazing and colourful fall!
cya bernhard

Mtb Tour Nationalpark Kalkalpen

Mtb Tour Nationalpark Kalkalpen

Mtb with 5000m altitude difference

September 11th, 2009

Hi Friends of Mountain Biking!
This Day was the day. 2 years ago i had an aim to do 5000m altitude difference in one day with the mountainbike.
last year i managed 3500m, but being in bildungskarenz that helps a little bit to do better training!
you can find a tour description here.

so i started at 7:45am in the morning from losenstein and i drove to trattenbach (near ternberg). then i drove uphill over the schreibachfall to the schobersteinhaus and then downhill to trattenbach. i repeated this 4 times. so alltogether 5 times trattenbach to schobersteinhaus and trattenbach. the first part i managed in 1hr:9min, the last in 1hr:27min. i managed 4 times to drive through the schreibachfall with an increase of 20%, the last time i had to shift my bike…
the whole bike tour takes 9hrs and 30min.

this day i had many advantages: first the repaired street which was in good condition, then the cloudy cold weather, and then the plums and apples that i picked for filling up my sugar balance and i had a good altidue training 4 days ago so i had an increased haemoglobin concentration, therefore the oxygen carrying capacity of their blood is increased..
tomorrow there is the schobersteintrophy. the best time was 42min21sek.
so you can start to train for the competition for 2010…

i can’t attend at the schobersteintrophy because tomorrow david scheutz will marry stöllnbeger anneliese…..

cya next time on the bike. and don’t fortget to increase your altitude difference slowly, otherwise your heart will get some cracks 😉
stay as cool bernhard

Mtb in the Nationalpark Kalkalpen

August 19th, 2009

Hi Mtb Freaks!
From sunday to tuesday i (bernhard gruber) david scheutz, and jürgen, we drove with out mountain bikes the future “kalpenalpenrunde” that we created with others in the nationalpark kalkalpen
our job was to drive the mtb tour for the nationalpark kalkalpen assimilable to the dachsteinrunde with the gps for tracking.
we started at 8 o’clock from steyr, damberg, schwarzberg, sonnberg, losenstein, wendbach, breitenau, anasberg, hoher trailing, molln, ebenforstalm. there we slept at the alp from the dairymaid anneliese.
martin fickert and his girlfriend maria also slept there, so we had a nice music evening with playing the accordeon and the devils violin and singing gstanzl and “paschen”. what a nice evening.
on monday we had first a great downhill in the wilder graben, then weisswasser, hirschkogel, brennhöhe, reichraming, weyer, gasselgraben, wittberg, lindaumäuer, maria neustift, glasenberg, spadenberg, plattenberg, duftkreuz, schwarzberg, damberg steyr.
on tuesday i drove with uwe wöhrer from losenstein, wendbach breitenau, anasberg, hoher trailing, molln, ebenforstalm, brunnbach, kogler alm, losenstein.
altogether four days of really beautiful mountain biking in the national park kalkalpen.
the future tour will get presented in the summer 2010.
thats really one of the best place to do good mountainbiking, great! the nature, the alps, the good “must” and the nice gstanzl singing at the ebenforst alm!!

Protected: Mountainbiking at the Reichraminger Hintergebirge

August 19th, 2009

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MTB Tour in the National Park Kalkalpen

June 2nd, 2009


on saturday the 23rd of May 2009 i did a big mountain bike tour around the nationalpark kalkalpen.
i startet at 07:35 in losenstein with one banana and four cereal bars and two water bottles and ended at 19:55.

first i drove from losenstein to ternberg then above the schreibachfall to the schoberstein-hut, then i drove down to trattenbach, further to wendbach then mösern, schneegraben, hausbach, bodinggraben jagdhaus, there i did a break for waiting of phil for 50minutes.
i was a little bit too early so i wait a little bit too long but it was ok to fill up my lost water.

so at about 12 o’clock we drove from the jagdhaus to the new schaumbergalm, we drank 1 radler and had a break for 50 minutes.
then we shifted our bike over the trämpl pass and further to the ebenforstalm, this alm will open at beginning of july 2009 because of restauration.

we had a nice downhill to the großen bach about the wilder graben.
after that we turned right to the große klause hut, here we ate very good cakes and drank two radler, after 35 minutes we drove to the weißwasser, the schleier waterfall was very fascinating and had a lot of water.

then we turned the first left, because on hunter said, the other street to the hirschkogel is closed due to storm loss, parts of the streets got demolished 2 days ago.
at the anlaufalm we drank one beer, it was such nice there.

our collegues from the laufrad – steyr team had a problem with the tyres, so they came later. therefore we decided to drive to the ortbauernalm to check for the last alm on this tour, so we drove downwards and then up to the hirschkogel then again down and the up to the ortbauernalm, at the end of the uphill part i was wiped out.

suddenly i laid down on the street and had no more power, i didn’t wanted to see any further uphill street…
i think the blood sugar got low and i had no more energy and motivation. that was the aim oft this tour – lol…
phil gave me his last banana and some juice.
after 5 minutes i stood up and drove back home.

phil decided to go to the anlaufalm and so he joined the laufrad team for eating very good spare ribs and drinking eight beers ( yeah he drove down to brunbach at midnight – no joke)
i ended this tour at 19:55 , you can imagine that i ate everything what i could find in the kitchen 😉

Mtb Tour Nationalpark Kalkalpen

Mtb Tour Nationalpark Kalkalpen