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Steyrtalbahn and cycling to Steyr with Kilian and Laura

Hi extreme race across steyr kiddys!
last sunday marlene, kilian and laura and me did a cycling tour from grünburg to steyr.
we took the old steyrtalbahn (from 1889) from steyr to grünburg.
it was a great ride with lots of action.
in grünburg we jumped onto our bikes and started to steinbach to visit my cousin manfred. he and his wife christa built a nice house. after a drink we went ahead to steyr.
first we had to cycle up a little bit but then we were happy to cycle downwards to the city steyr. in rosenegg we made a campfire. the nürnberger sausages tasted everyone very well.
after an ice kilian and me we rode along the steyr in meadow which was very great.
the girls did the short way but they arrived 100m’s behind us at our goal.
after a strawberry picking session we went tired to bed.
thanks for this funny day.
see you at the mountains

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