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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Best MTB Tour around Losenstein

Hi Mountain Bike Fans!
This day i started at 1pm one of the best Mtb Tour I’ve ever done. really!
Trails, best views, autumn, forest trails, downhills, single trails, lost way, sun set, illegal roads,….
my track was: losenstein, wurmbach, jochberg, sonnberg, schwarzberg, dambach, schindlbodenbach, damberg, windloch, hotel eckhard, dambergwarte, schwarzberg, wolfsgrub, plattenberg, gscheid, losenstein
i managed this tour in 5.5 hours without food only water.

Mtb Tour around Losenstein

Mtb Tour 'Around Losenstein' Map

for the people who think i drive illegal pathes, i shift my bike if it is illegal 😉

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