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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

MTB Tour around Losenstein

October 25th, 2009

This day i did a nice autumn Mtb Tour in the orange coloured forest around Losenstein.
First i drove the Wurmbachgraben uphill to the Sonnberg, then to the windpark at the plattenberg in laussa, then gschaid. Then i shifted my bike uphil to the ridge to the schieferstein. that was a little bit exhausting. but then i had a nice downhill to reichraming. the next point was goashanslniedern ( in the rift it was very cold!), then back to Losenstein.
After 4:45 without eating (i fortgot my cereal bars) i felt tired because of no sugar….
Great Tour for well trained Bikers! Take your time and enjoy the beautiful countryside 😉
You can imagine, that i was very hungry after this tour!
cya bernhard