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110m Slackline at Camp Sibley

Hi Folks!
This Sunday was a nice sports day.
first i did at 6am a 2 hours earlymorning kitesurfsession in traunkirchen.
you can imagine the wonderful atmosphere dark lake and only some surfers outside, the nice traunstein in red coloured contures. 1 hour later the first sun rays – wowww!!! great beginning of the day.
in the afternoon we built a 110m slackline at the camp sibley. that was not so easy, but we managed to fix the line.
huber andreas (steyr) managed the whole 110m slackline. he counted the steps: it was 220 steps – Congratulation!!
brenninger daniel (steyr) managed nearly the line, he missed only the last 3 metres. and i (bernhard gruber) had to go 15 metres more… forster christoph has to train a bit more, then he also is able to manage the longline.
you can see the fixing height on a picture, where a car is driving unter the line.
what a balance feeling!
have a nice week!

2 responses to “110m Slackline at Camp Sibley”

  1. franz says:

    Hello Bernhard,
    What’s up? Already three days past by without a new activity? Are you getting tired or are just too busy to post your new activities? It became a daily routine during my lunch break, to check your site for new stories…
    By boys are impressed too, especially Philips wants to have such a military scooter for our next summer vacation!!
    Stay well!
    Looking forward to the next story of your life!

  2. admin says:

    hi franz!
    no we did on wednesday a exploration tour, which i won’t publish – you know! it’s sometimes better, not everybody knows what i am doing 😉
    on friday we did a stag night from a friend. so yesterday i had a day off. this day we will go 110m slacklining.
    tomorrow we want to go to the großglockner..
    next weekend there is a wedding party – so a lot to do…
    keep informed

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