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Highlining Camp Sibley

Hi Adrenaline addicted Freaks!
This evening Jonathan, Andi, Stefan and me we went for highlining to the highline in the kletterkompetenzzentrum camp sibley.
the highline is 14m long and about 15m high.
jonathan and andi managed the great highline without protection on the backup line above. respekt! you guys have big balls! 😉
cya bernhard

3 responses to “Highlining Camp Sibley”

  1. farLEEx says:

    profis am werk, übung macht die meister…respect! mucho gusto

  2. andi huber says:

    nice fotos! interresting to see!

  3. andi h says:

    danke bernhard fürs video! hat mich sehr gefreut, das heute zu sehn!!!

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