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Speed Flying Breithorn 4164m

Hi Mountain Speedies!
On Saturday we drove to Zermatt and we used the cable car to drive up to the Klein-Matterhorn at 3884m.
We hiked in very good conditions to the breithorn in 01:06′ at 4164m above sealevel.
What a nice view around. we could see about 150km’s.
We were happy to met the mountain professor. he explained us all the mountains around us.
Like monte viso, Grand Paradiso, Mount Blanc, Walkerpfeiler, Weisshorn, Jungfrau, Dent Blanche, Matterhorn, Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn.
At the mountain top there was a verry strong northwesterly wind. so i flew down with my speedflyer gin yak to the south and then i made a turn into the wind, i used all my speed range to fly down in the northern direction because of the strong wind and the nozzle effect.
nevertheless i flew near the breithorn mountain and i crossed the unterer theodulglacier. i had a hard landing in an small valley, because i wouldn’t dare to fly further down because of so many trees, cable cars and high voltage cables.
nevertheless i had a lot of fun to fly in such an amazing scenery.
thx a lot!
we were happy to get a sleeping place in the Hotel Bahnhof in Zermatt. It has an alpine flair and affordable prices.
The streets in Zermatt are filled with enough yodelling kitsch to make heidi cringe. 😉
cya bernhard

2 responses to “Speed Flying Breithorn 4164m”

  1. andi huber says:

    nice fotos, but sounds scaring…cable cars an high voltage cables…

  2. bernhard says:

    Everything is relative.

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