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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Climbing Basejumping Speedflying Pichlweg Dachstein

Hi Exit-Lovers!
Yesterday Harry, Patrik and me we started at 5:00am to the dachstein for climbing the pichlweg. in our backpack we put our speedflyer for flying down the dachstein.
before the climbing start we had to climb and cross a small steep ice field. that was really dangerous because we were so clever to take no crampons with us. aaaaaa
at 7:00am we started as the first team in a 3 person climbing team the pichlweg. the topo you can find here.
it was a really nice and great climbing compared to the more than overcrowed famous steinerweg, which is not more beautiful.
we decided for the best tour.
at 09:50 i got a sms: “Sind am exit – springen in ca. 10min.martin”
so we waited for about 30minutes . “EXIT” And then we saw martin and his friend jumping down over the “münchner kamine” downwards the dachstein southwall with their wingsuits. first the fly down closely over us and accelerated and then they turned right and flew close the southwall westwards and further to the south where they opened their parachutes on a small grassfield near a way. what a feeling to look to one of the best extreme sport.
after this nice interlude we climbed further the nice tour and finished at 12:00am at the ridge. the we climbed upwards the eastridge first to the exit point where the basejumper jumped down and then to the mountain top. what a nice feeling to reach the dachstein 2998m on a fair-minded tour. thx for harry who did a really nice climbing as a leader.
after our lunch we went to the western ridge and found a small start place, where harry and patrik startet their speedflyer and flew down to ramsau. respect!! i went down to the cable car, because i felt not comfortable to start the speedflyer alone in this really “stoney” starting place. in the winter i will fly for sure the dachstein! yeahh.
thx for this really great tour!
dachstein is everytime worth it.
cya on the mountains

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