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Speed Riding Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

Hi extreme “positive vibrated” Summit Surfer!
This day Patrick and me we drove to Spital/Pyhrn for doing a speedride session with our new speedglider spitfire 11m² from swing.
we hiked up in 4:30 hours to the mountain top with our skis!
first there was good powder conditions in the forest. but on the ridge there was good westerly wind which made the summit bloody cold. the temperature was about -15°C. so with the 30-50km/hrs wind we had more the -20°C windchill. brrr
the mountain was covered by clouds but after 10minutes when we arrived the summit it got cleared. thats only possible with positive vibrations!!
at 4pm we tried to launch or glider but it was not so easy because of the deep snow. but when you have the spitfire over you, the only thing you need is speed to get riding.
the speed riding from the grosser pyhrgas was really amazing but we took care not to ski while riding because of the different snow condition.
next time we can do some ski rides too 😉
the landing was difficult because i could only see a white area and no contours, therefore i did not really had a clean landing. but thats not important 😉
thx for this great winter day!
cya on the mountains for sure

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