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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Speedflying Zimnitz/Leonsberg (1745m)

Hi virgin speedflyers and extreme mountaineers!
Yesterday, Martin, Harry and me we drove to the salzkammergut for doing pioneering work and tried a new speedflying possible mountain.
first we thought we can do the feuerkogel, but thats only for easterly wind and there was also some fog upon there. so we decided to drive ahead.
then we saw a nice mountain on the right hand side. the zimnitz aka leonsberg (1745m). we hiked up there for 2 hours and had a lot of fun starting our gliders at southerly wind speed of about 35km/h.
martin did his first flight with his speedflyer. Well down martin!
Harry had a nice start and i had a lot of fun with many deep and steep spirals ;))
thx for this gread mountain.
cya in the air

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