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Speedriding Mölltaler Glacier (Mölle Hölle)

November 28th, 2010

Hi extreme skiing Speedies.
This weekend, Harry and me we drove to the “Mölltaler Gletscher” for testing the Speedrider Spitfire 11m² and 9m² from Swing. Btw: Thx to Daniel Kofler!!
This day was my first day trying to skiing after 14 years of snowboarding only. you can imagine my unconfident way of skiing.
after two runs we got the speedglider spitfire 11m² from swing. muhaaa thats great action with southerly wind of about 40 km/h and -18°C. yesssa.
The launching technique is a special one like a cobra. Sometimes it worked well and sometimes i had some troubles with it. Practice makes perfekt.
we did really great rides down the glacier with a lot of speed. i love it!
the spitfire 11m² is a really universally usable speedglider with a high range – you can fly or dive! compliments to the developing department of swing!
we forgot to have lunchtime – you can imagine why that 😉
in the afternoon we got the spitfire 9m² from andi(swing speedflying team).
this is a really great rocket. it has a convenient handling and high speed action maneuvers are guaranteed.
Unfortunately the sun wents downwards and so we had to ski back at 4:30pm to get down with the last cable car.
at the evening we had a nice party at the Gasthaus Mühle.
thx a lot for this great speedring day!
cya on the winter mountains in austria