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Speedflying Dom 4545m

August 13th, 2010

Hi mountain-addicted Freaks and high-altitude Speedies!
Last week Werner S. and me (Bernhard Gruber) we drove to Switzerland for doing some high mountains in the Wallis.
We hiked up on tuesday 3.8. in the afternoon from randa 1407m to the Domhütte 2940m in 03:10′.
We felt very good on this level and we had a nice view to the matterhorn and the weisshorn.
This hut is a small hut but you will find there only “real” mountaineers because the dom is a fair-minded mountain. that means you have no help by cablecars and you have a big way to get to the hut.
the dom is the highest mountain which is fully placed in switzerland.
on wednesday we stood up at 2:30 am with all the other mountaineers and had our breakfast. Bloddy Hell!
We managed to start at 03:30 and climbed over the festiglacier up to the festijoch. first we thought we will climb the festigrat but our physical and mental conditions were not ready for this ridge so we tried the normal way on the hoburg glacier. there were a lot of dangerous ice seracs. at 09:45 we came to our point of ‘”did not finished”. we had no more power for climbing the last 400m’s of height to the mountain top. we got out of breath because we had no good acclimatisation. i suffered from headaches. so we went down to the domhut. the next day was a rainy day, so we stay at the dom hut for relaxing and swaping mountain stories with other mountaineers like “gollner richie” from kleinreifling.
on this day we only did a acclimatisation tour near the hobergwächte.
we felt really better and better.
on friday 6th august we started at 03:15 our second trial and managed the dom in 05:45’. what a different feeling compared to the first trial. we could see all the 4000m mountains in wallis. the valley was covered in fog.
at the mountain top i put out my speedflyer gin yak out of my heavy bagback and flew down from the dom to randa. that’s 3070m of height altitude difference.
the starting was not the best because the left side got not opened fast. so i fell down a little bit. the flight was really great beside my heavy backback i had a lot of thermal upwinds over the hobergwächte and the the valley. so i had to do a lot of spirals to got down. i was at 10:00 am in randa. i drove to zermatt for coffee and some cookies. werner has to walk down by foot. he needed 5 hours ;))
thx for this wonderful amazing flight.
i will put the video from the flight asap.
Btw: we found a nice accommodation for mountaineers in randa, the Restaurant and Camping Hole in one. I can recommend every one to stay there for some nights!!
cya bernhard

Kitesurfing Fuerteventura

April 21st, 2010

Buenos dias!
Last ten days eight people from Windgeschwindigkite (Hübl Experience, Rabi, Obsi, Geibs, Schoko, Chri, Maho and me) we flew to the island Fuerteventura in spain for kitesurfing and surfing.
La forte ventura does mean the big adventure – and we got big adventure….
We rented one Holiday House and one Appartment in the very quiet village Giniginamar. For Surfing we drove with our rented car and the “Mahoni mobil” to the Playa Barca at the Sotovento beach near Costa Calma on the east side of the coast. there is one big surf school from rené egli.
at summer time you have here perfect conditions from the northeasterly passat wind which get shifted by two mountains to a northwesterly wind and get stronger by the nozzle effect.
when the weather is not so good, there is southwesterly wind which we enjoyed.
in the winter time the best thing to do is surfing at the northern shore at el cotillo at punta blanca and punta de la tinosa. waves can be up to 5m heigh from november until march. but there is no rescue – so take care! more safe conditons you have at the flag beach in corralejo at the flag beach center.
the first day we had light wind conditions only for the flysurfer silberpfeil.
on monday we did some sightseeing tour to the beach garcey at the westcoast where the 220m long american star ship sank 1994 because of a big storm. unfortunately we could see only some small wreck parts.
please do not try to swim to the wreck because there are a lot of swirls under water.
the second day we had fine southwesterly – that is side shore. i needed a rescue service because i crashed my lines from the kite into a buoy. first i tried to swim back to the coast, but it was not so easy to swim back to the coast with my equipment. so i had to wink zthe rescue and we picked me up with his seadoo. this service cost 30€ and is very important when you get some troubles in the wavy conditons.
On the wednesday we had wind up to 55knots. we had to go onto the beach because we had no smaller stuff here to manage this strong winds. so we had to look up to the profi riders like danis from france. he flews an north vegas 7m² kite and did jumps up to 20m’s height and really crazy kiteloops – much respect and big up.
two hours later we could start our smallest kites and drove the lagoon which is very special here. you have strong wind and flat water from 10 to 50cm depth. that was the best thing on this trip. we tried some new jumps here – what a nice session.
on thursday and friday we had good conditions again at the lagoon and at the seaside. really wonderful, because if you feel tired from the waves, you can cross the 10m sandbank and jump into the lagoon where you can enjoy the flat water. muhaa
normally we had to fly back on saturday evening but the the airline cancelled our fligh because of the ash clouds from the island vulcan. so we had to stay for more days here in fuerte. shit happens…
on sunday there there was no wind and on monday we rented a longboard at the waveguru surf school in la pared and we did some surfing with our surf teacher “hübl experience”.
la pared is a very good and not so crowded surfspot for beginners up to the advanced guys.
on tuesday night we had to say good bye because we managed to get an flight to vienna instead of munich. so we got our “happy ending” – thanks to niki lauda 😉
and many thanks to the good cookers in our team and for the nice party at the fanta club in giniginamar with ocho rum e cuatro cola!
Hang loose!
Cya on the big waves dudes.


Barcelona 2009

November 3rd, 2009

Hola chicas e chicos!
Last weekend i drove with my friends (Stephan G., Ralf H. and Pepi S.) for five days to Barcelona.
That was our first “Ennsfest surprise holiday” – that means, one organizes the trip and the others don’t know where the holiday will take place. Very funny for all adventure freaks like me.
First the flight goes to berlin, so my friends believed, ok berlin is the city, but then i moved to the connection flight direction,… you can imagine their strange feeling because they thaught, ok it is berlin and get responded to it.
while entering the next gate they got to know the holiday place.
what a surprise!!!
We were also lucky to met christoph m. from carinthia who is a friend of pepi, a jazz violine player and teacher in barcelona who showed us some good clubs on the first day.
Barcelona is a really great lively city for good nightlife, good architecture and beaching or surfing as well.
we slept at the * pension mendoza in the la ramblas opoosite of la boqueria – for us the best and cheapest place.
there are so nice small streets to walk we visted the la segrada de familia, park guell, and many other nice places.
we met tito a derelict from barcelona who showed us the real barcelona…
we must play guitar for tourists on the streets for living.
on sunday we went to the beach for swimming in the sea (imagine we had november) then we got a massage from two chinese girls direct near the sea for 5 euros. thats holiday…

the nightlife is really great too, one of the best club we visited even every days for some hours was the soul club. i think that is one of the best soul funk jazz bar in europe. the positive vibes here were fascinating – wonderful for dancing…
another good place is harlem jazz club or the boulevard culture club
we found good restaurants like la taberna del cura in the garcia quarter or the salamanca near the beach for the best paellas or the davids restaurant for very good fondues and wines.

The police was seen on every street and crossing. because at about 2am the dubious people came out to the street. for instance , one young pickpocket tried to stole my money but i was lucky that i recognized this immediately.
you find also the refugees from afrika who tried to sell very nervous their fakes from the expensive handbags and watches…

There is also a good latin and salas streetband scene in barcelona like 8 Punto G or Marlene Parafioriti and in la rambla you find really good street artists performing their shows.
it was also possible to do a kitesession in barcelona, unfortunately i let my gear at home – aaaaaaaaaaaa.
ok the next time i will bring my kite equipment to barcelona.
The southely laid back feeling is also very great here, you can feel and see this everywhere…
i hope i can visit barcelona next year, perhaps with my kites 😉

Hasta Luego.

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September 23rd, 2009


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Kitesurfing in Denmark

July 29th, 2009

On Tuesday last week Hans-Peter Seibold from Salzburg and me (Bernhard Gruber) we drove to Denmark for Kitesurfing holidays. The Distance from Salzburg was 1270km’s and we need 11.5 hours.
Unfortunately they don’t have the euro, so we had to exchange the money. On Wednesday we arrived early in the morning and we checked in to the skaven camping near tarm at the ringkobing fjord and we joined the kitecollegues Markus Mühlbacher and Daniel Ripper from salzburg. We slept for some hours in our tent and then we go to the beach, yeah thats life. sun, sideonshore wind (southwest), lot of place, lot of time…. Rocking Rocking Rocking.
at evening we did some nice cooking with the camping gas cookers. we were very lucky to have Hans-Peter Seibold in our team, because he is a professional cook. His Slogan is “… I COOK THEREFORE I AM…”
On Thursday and Friday we went kitesurfing at the skaven beach too. It was raining sometimes in the night or in the morning, but when the sun came there was wind. and we are not made from sugar so that was no problem for us 😉
at the evening we also tried some games like slacklining, the wikinger game, and the crap game “mäxchen” where you have to try to lie as good as possible which was not easy but very funny.
we had also nice neighbours at the camping place (frank, tina and christian from denmark).
On Saturday we drove to Hvide Sande, that’s a very good spot beside klitböller for wavekiting in the northsea.
it was strong northwestwind with waves up to 1.5m predicted so we took our smallest kites to the south beach of Hvide Sande and got some information from the lifeguard.
First it was “normal” strong wind with some waves.
to get outside need a little bit of experience but with a little bit of downwind direction of the board or jumping over the beach break we got outside to the nice great waves. what a feeling. i remeber my last holidays in vietnam in mui ne, where we also had such condition every day but with warmer temperature…
we did a three hours wavekite session and the wind was getting stronger and stronger. i did some high jumps with my 10m² north vegas 2008 but 3 times i lost my board and one time my kite dropped into water. on two times i had to go outside to the beach and every time a kiter brought me my lost kiteboard to the beachside. so thank you very much. the wavekiter here take care for each one, because one fault and if you are unlucky you can end somewhere in the ocean. i think in austria we also should try open our eyes and help each kiter with problems if possible and needed.
Hang Loose!
We met a judith, a windsurf instructor from hamburg who is working in Bork Havn.
Thx for Hans-Peter for taking many nice shots!
Markus dropped his kite into the water and had to go out to the beach because of an open vave from the maintube.
On Saturday evening we felt very tired into the bed.
On Sunday we did some Kitesurfing in skaven Beach again.
On Monday we (Markus, Dani and Bernhard) did a Downwinder from Bork Haven to Skaven. First we did a one hour flat water session with offshore wind and then we decided to go to skaven. that was really great. you can imagine you can jump every time and you don’t have to take care not to drift away from your starting point. we had a lot of fun and we tried many jumps! muhaaaaaaa.
then we drove back to bork havn and visited the bork haven surf shops for some burgers and fish breds and danish girls ;))
do you know that the danish girls don’t wear underwear? really!
ok. Monday evening was our last evening so we did a nice cooking again and visited our neighbours for some gammel daenks (alter däne). that is a strong alcohol and a daenish coffee. thx!
On Tuesday it was a sunny day again so we used the nice weather to clean and dry our kites.
At miday we checked out and hans-peter and me we drove back home to austria. Markus and Daniel they drove to Römö and then to St. Peter Ording to visit a Championship from the Kite Professionals.
On Wednesday at 2:30am i arrived in losenstein.
What a nice Holiday! So anyone who is interested to go to denmark for wavesurfing in the autumn, just call me!!
the bigger the wave the better! Wowww!

Kitesurfing in Denmark (Skaven Beach)

July 21st, 2009

Attention, please!
Finally, it’s holiday time!
Hans Peter Seibold from Salzburg and me Bernhard Gruber, we will drive today to Skaven Beach in Denmark. I have North Kites from 6m² up to 16m².
I’m looking forward to seeing you again.


November 29th, 2008

bitte in zukunft diese homepage benuetzen!

ha long bay und cat ba island

November 28th, 2008

ich bin jetzt auf einem 3tages boots trip in der ha long bay und in cat ba island unterwegs. ein grosses boot mit nur 8 leute – super spassig!
es gibt hier fast 2000 insel auf engstem raum. fast ein 8. weltwunder!
gestern waren wir seakajaken und heute klettern. deepwatersoloing war wegen der lowtide nicht moeglich. es ist so wie in tonsai beach nur sind wir ingesamt 4 kletterer auf dieser einsamen bucht – tim unser kletterinstruktor aus idaho lebt schon seit 6 monate dort!! wirklich ein hammer hier im gegensatz zu der wirklich stressigen stadt hanoi – dort sind 4 millionen motorbikes unterwegs, die nur hupen die ganze zeit – unvorstellbar.
an jeder ecke strassenkuechen…
ich bin froh die stressige hauptstadt verlassen zu koennen. ich kann das nicht empfehlen, mit hanoi einen asientrip zu starten wenn man noch nie in suedostasien war.
das essen auf dem boot ist 1a – mir gehts sehr gut.
ich hoffe die sache in thailand beruhigt sich irgendwann mal, sonst muss ich hier bleiben :))
morgen der letze tag am schiff dann gehts ueber hanoi nach sa pa. dort moechte ich den Phan-xi-păng (Fansipan)(3143m hoch)besteigen, das ist der hoechste berg vietnams!!
das mit den bildern muss ich mal bei schlechtwetter nachholen – sorry!
cya bernhard


November 26th, 2008

ich bin gestern gut angekommen in hanoi.
es hat 25 grad :))
leider klappt des bilder uploaden nicht….
de tastatur ist total anders – aaaaa
sonst schreib ich meine blogs woanders!!
lg bernhard

Flug Wien – Hanoi

November 24th, 2008

Heute gehts los. Ich habe das Wochenende verbracht, noch etwas Bäume hinterm haus zu fällen, diverse verabschiedungsfeiern und natürlich das “liebe” packen.
Meinen 12er Rebel Kite muss ich wohl oder übel daheim lassen. da bräuchte ich statt einen 90l einen 150l rucksack.
es gibt aber auf mue ne sehr viele kiteverleihs, villeicht ist es eh besser so, da ich sonst meinen schirm irgendwo aufbaue und ich auf unbekannten spots surfe, wo ich die gefahren nicht richtig einschätzen kann ( Strömungen, Quallen,..)

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