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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Speedriding Spitzmauer (2446m)

March 31st, 2013

Hi extreme easter bunny’s!
last day the summitsurfers patrick stepan and me drove to hinterstoder for ski mountaineering up to the spitzmauer over the dietlhölle.
we were happy to see a white rabbit! what a great feeling!
unfortunately the summit was covered into clouds so we decided no to go up.
the wind was perfect so we started our speedglider and had a wonderful flight downwards the meisenbergrinne!
thanks for this great sunny speedriding at the easter saturday 😉
happy easter
the summitsurfers team

Ski Mountaineering Gsuchkar Lugauer Hüpfinger Hals

January 21st, 2013

Hi extreme half marthon skitouring people!
yesterday oliver, alex and christian and i drove to johnsbach and hiked with our skis to the gsuchmauer, 100m under the summit we skied down the gsuchkar and then we hiked up to the lugauer presummit.
what a strong foen wind.
nevertheless we had a great 600ms height skiing.
one moment i cried because i hit with my new ski the f***ing stone. aaa
but then the snow got better and better because of the sun.
then we hiked to the hüpfinger hals where had sunny conditions again and finnaly skied downwards to the car.
after 22km’s and over 2100m of altidude height we were happy to enjoy our meal of the day and some good drinks.
cya on the mountains

Speed Riding Großer Priel (2515m)

March 18th, 2012

Hi extreme wannabe gerlinde’s 😉
on friday marlene, michaela, birgit and me drove to hinterstoder at afternoon and we hiked up to the prielschutzhaus.
there we met stefan from czech republic. we did our dinner with 10 other guys from cz. they were 4 days at the prielschutzhaus for ski mountaineering.
we were lucky to sleep at a normal guesthouse room in the hut and not the crowded winter room.
nevertheless at 5am on saturday we woke up and started the tour one hour later. the sunrise was very beautiful and we needed 3 hours to the beginning of the brotfallscharte. we decided very fast to fix our crampons because marlene slided down 30m like in a bob run.
My heart sank into my boots.
we needed some time for the brotfallscharte but its better to go more slowly than to risk any dangerous situations. the view at the top of the brotfallscharte was really great. we admired the dachstein region and the great totes gebirge. at the secondary summit we stored our skis and hiked on the ridge to the summit of the großer priel. wowwwww what a nice feeling. after a break we hiked back to our skis and stefan and me we flew with our speedglider down to the jausenstation. so we had to wait 3 hours for our girls because they drove down to the klinserscharte and hiked another 500m’s of height up and skied down the dietlhölle which was very steep for skiing. but they managed it very good. congratulations to the girls team!! so stay tuned and cya at the great mountains.
have a nice week

Mustagh Ata Expedition

July 21st, 2011

Hi extreme summer chillers!
On Wednesday 24.7.2011 i start an Expedition to the Mustagh Ata (7546m) in China.
I fly to Bishkek in Kirgisia and we’ll drive on the silk road to china.
Then we do some walking with the camels to the base camp.
We have 3 weeks for climbing to the the summit with our skis.
Hopefully the wind is less and it will come from the right side then i will launch my new speed flyer. The new Hybrid Sport from Swing with 17m².
Have a look at the great line there! yihaaaaaaa

Actual tracking from Bernhard to the summit of Mustagh Ata.

Thanks a lot to my sponsors:


for the Speedglider Hybrid Sport 17m²


for the Mountain Equipment

Brandspot Satellitenkommunikation

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for the good vibrations

My Buddy Oliver Dreier

for the neighbour and flight connection – Ennstal rules!

Speed Riding Kleiner Hochkasten (2352m)

May 8th, 2011

Hi extreme winter addicted freaks.
Yesterday i hiked from hinterstoder above the brentnerkar to the kleiner hochkasten (2352m).
i had to carry my skiing equipment about 2hrs uphill.
at the hunting hut i had a discussion with a huntress. she said thats not a good idea to go there because of the chamois. but then she let me pass her 😉
then after the schoismauer i could walk with my skies up to the kleiner hochkasten.
at the mountain top i had a really good view. woww!
then i found a good starting place for my speed glider in a nice deep and steep channel.
the start was great and i had a great flight. the first flight is always a safety flight, but i will come again for sure 😉

This day i started at 5:30am with woif at hinterstoder and hiked up again to the kleiner hochkasten above the brentnerkar because of the good conditions.
we had a lot of fun hiking uphill. at the last third there was a big avalanche from the rocky Brandleck. uii we were lucky to passed this passage 5min before….
unfortunately the clouds got more and the wind too. so i started at the brentnerkar and had a great flight to the dietlalm.
thx for this special weekend 😉
cya on the mountains

Ski Mountaineering and Speed Riding Großer Priel (2515m)

December 31st, 2010

Hi extreme winter lovers!
Yesterday, Patrick and me we drove to the Almtalerhaus in Grünau (Almtal)
We hiked up with our skis on the backpack from the ground of the schermberg north wall to the welser hut over the normal route. the sun was shining but not at our place because of the northern side.
when we reached the ridge near the brotfallscharte we got sun too. so we had warm temperature but the wind was strong. brrr. at 1:15pm we reached the summit of großer priel (2515m). we had there a nice lunch on the wind protected southern side. what a great view after 5hours and 15 minutes of hard hiking. but every step was worth it 😉
at the großer priel summit we had too less snow for starting our speed glider so we hiked the ridge back and found a great starting place over a cliff.
what an amazing starting place.
the only problem we had was the fog which has suddenly covered the whole valley. we had to wait nearly two hours but that was not a problem because we had sun and an amazing view.
at 4pm we started our speedglider the swing spitfire 11m² with our skis. the start was tricky because we had to jump upon a cliff. when we flew the last sun rays shined to the western wall of the grosser priel. we needed only 3minutes and 30 seconds for flying down to the ground near the schermberg. we were so happy to managed this great winter tour.
thanks a lot for this adventure.
i wish you all the best wishes and a happy new year. 😉
cya bernhard

Speed Riding Scheiblingstein (2197m)

December 30th, 2010

Hi extreme Snow Seekers!
On Tuesday Patrick and me we drove to the Bosruckhütte in Spital for doing a skimountaineering tour to the Scheiblingstein.
it was a really nice landscape with not the best snow conditions because of ice snow. nevertheless we reached the summit without a problem but there was too much wind, so we decided to ski downwards a little bit. then we found a great starting place for the speed rider. i had a fast speed riding session downwards the lange gasse to the Gstattmaier alp.
Then we had to walk uphill back to the bosruck hut.
thanks for the great tour.
cya on the mountains