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Speed Riding Kleiner Hochkasten (2352m)

Hi extreme winter addicted freaks.
Yesterday i hiked from hinterstoder above the brentnerkar to the kleiner hochkasten (2352m).
i had to carry my skiing equipment about 2hrs uphill.
at the hunting hut i had a discussion with a huntress. she said thats not a good idea to go there because of the chamois. but then she let me pass her 😉
then after the schoismauer i could walk with my skies up to the kleiner hochkasten.
at the mountain top i had a really good view. woww!
then i found a good starting place for my speed glider in a nice deep and steep channel.
the start was great and i had a great flight. the first flight is always a safety flight, but i will come again for sure 😉

This day i started at 5:30am with woif at hinterstoder and hiked up again to the kleiner hochkasten above the brentnerkar because of the good conditions.
we had a lot of fun hiking uphill. at the last third there was a big avalanche from the rocky Brandleck. uii we were lucky to passed this passage 5min before….
unfortunately the clouds got more and the wind too. so i started at the brentnerkar and had a great flight to the dietlalm.
thx for this special weekend 😉
cya on the mountains

2 responses to “Speed Riding Kleiner Hochkasten (2352m)”

  1. Markus D says:

    Hi extreme cave explorer,
    I had a discussion with the huntress too – when walking up as well as when finally coming down (she didn’t liked me for walking through the district in the night…). The story of being a cave explorer (having awkward looking skies equipped to the rucksack) was rather insane – just like the flight I was able to eyeball – Congrats!
    A winter addicted freak too.

  2. admin says:

    hi markus! nice area there!
    nice huntress 😉

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