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Ski Mountaineering and Speed Riding Großer Priel (2515m)

Hi extreme winter lovers!
Yesterday, Patrick and me we drove to the Almtalerhaus in Grünau (Almtal)
We hiked up with our skis on the backpack from the ground of the schermberg north wall to the welser hut over the normal route. the sun was shining but not at our place because of the northern side.
when we reached the ridge near the brotfallscharte we got sun too. so we had warm temperature but the wind was strong. brrr. at 1:15pm we reached the summit of großer priel (2515m). we had there a nice lunch on the wind protected southern side. what a great view after 5hours and 15 minutes of hard hiking. but every step was worth it 😉
at the großer priel summit we had too less snow for starting our speed glider so we hiked the ridge back and found a great starting place over a cliff.
what an amazing starting place.
the only problem we had was the fog which has suddenly covered the whole valley. we had to wait nearly two hours but that was not a problem because we had sun and an amazing view.
at 4pm we started our speedglider the swing spitfire 11m² with our skis. the start was tricky because we had to jump upon a cliff. when we flew the last sun rays shined to the western wall of the grosser priel. we needed only 3minutes and 30 seconds for flying down to the ground near the schermberg. we were so happy to managed this great winter tour.
thanks a lot for this adventure.
i wish you all the best wishes and a happy new year. 😉
cya bernhard

3 responses to “Ski Mountaineering and Speed Riding Großer Priel (2515m)”

  1. Kothi says:


  2. andi h says:

    super!!! ich glaube, da haben zwei ihren lieblingssport gefunden!!! und eh zu wenig schnee zum runter fahren, oder täuscht das?

  3. Markus says:


    Man kenn sich in “Internetkreisen”, ich zumindest dich bzw. euch.

    Egal was ich schreibe, es kann nicht über den Tod eures Freundes hinweg trösten. In der Krone wurdet ihr leider als “dumme Freaks” hin gestellt. Das wird man auch gleich mal, wenn man etwas macht was nicht in deren Schema passt.

    Ich habe eure Touren immer bewundert und werde es auch in Zukunft tun! Wie geht es weiter? Im Sinne eures Kumpels sicherlich im Himmel… IIch wünsche euch alles Gute!

    LG, Markus

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