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Caving Brotfallschächte in Hinterstoders

November 15th, 2009

hi caveseekers!
last day, i went with heli steinmassl caving to the brotfall near the großer priel in hinterstoder.
first we walked uphill 1800 metres with the snow shoes and the tour skis and carried the whole caving equipment including a 200m dynema 8mm diameter rope.
at 12:45 we arrived at the cave entrance.

then we abseil down about 40metres in a snow cave and did the measurement and drew a cave sketch. there were some nice icecles but in 40metres depth there was the temporary ending because of too much snow inside the cave. perhaps of the last big snow falls 3 weeks ago. shit happens.

then we climbed around the overhang and explored another big cave with many entrances. this must be the correct entrance, where a missing mountaineer falled down in the cave some months ago.

the time was about 15:45 so i walked down with the snow shoes to the hut and enjoyed the beautiful sunset while heli was drawing the cave sketch. what an amazing sunset! after the prielschutzhaus it was dark and finally we went down together to the car. at 18:20 we arrived the car.

then i had a nice bath in the cold river because at 19:30 thomas huber was coming for presenting his slideshow im vakuum der zeit…
thx for the great day!